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What you get:

Copywriting Guide

This guide will reveal:

  • What is copywriting?
  • What is not copywriting
  • An overlooked way to get to know your customers
  • Creative ways to communicate with your audience in their language
  • These are the 7 most serious sins in copywriting you must avoid.
  • Simple market research to gain insight into people’s minds
  • How to overcome objections from customers
  • One key feature that will force people to buy your product ethically
  • How to write copy that makes your audience want to buy



Anatomy Of Irresistible Sales Page

This guide will reveal:

  • Anatomy of a Sale Page
  • These are the 12 components of a persuasive salespage that will convert readers into buyers.
  • The ONE thing that you must include on your sales pages
  • You can get examples of high-profitable sales pages from me
  • 8 Magnetic headlines to grab the attention of your reader (tested and proven effective)




  • Sales page template
  • 45 hook templates



The Only Market Research Strategy That You Will Ever Need

You’ll discover:

  • A response to “What the heck is Market Research?”
  • Access the Market Research Matrix Spreedsheet
  • The simplest and most efficient way to conduct market research
  • Understanding the pains and aspirations of your Market
  • Shortcuts for high-quality information about your niche and market
  • This method is foolproof and will allow you to discover everything about your customer’s nightmares and hopes.




You can learn copywriting faster with this easy-to-use worksheet.



Bonus #1 – Go Viral Framework (Video).

Find out what I did to make Instagram viral in just 30 days.

  • Find the best copywriting framework for creating captions and posts that go viral
  • You can see how I teach my inner circle students how to use this framework to support their ideas
  • Plus!





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