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What you get:

’14 Day’ Live Coaching


We must first build our first funnel.

Russell, what type of funnel should you build? This is a great question. The answer is a lead funnel.

What’s the Use of a Lead Funnel?

You don’t need leads to sell your products and services.

Many people think they have to first buy a product.

As you’ll see, once you have a qualified list, you’ll be able to understand what products your leads want making it 10X easier for you to sell them and make a profit.

For 14 days (or 2 weeks), you’ll be provided with action plans, high-level strategies and step-by-step guidance. You can then get to work building your first lead funnel.


Here’s a peek at what it will look like.



STEP 1: Open the Floodgates


We’ll be showing you…

  • How to create your first “lead magnet” that attracts a flood of your dream clients on demand!
  • How do you identify your target audience? Start building a profit-generating listing (this is the backbone for any online business… we’ll show how to do this the right way so that you have a huge following of hungry customers!
  • How to create and launch an email capture funnel HIGHLY CONVERTING (SO EXCITING! )… with the right words for each step to hypnotize even the most cold leads to sign up for your list.



STEP 2: Build the Relationship


Once you have leads, it is important to quickly establish a relationship.

Week two: We’ll show…

  • How to create and set up six critical (and very simple) auto-responder email templates that will help you establish trust, make connections, and build relationships with your leads…So they are excited to buy… and continue to purchase from you in future! You don’t have to be a marketer if this is your first time. We will show you how to create emails that people love to buy from and read… it’ll feel like you’re talking to a friend!
  • How to get more leads without paying ads You don’t have to spend money to collect leads. We’ll show you how to build huge lists of customers and not spend a single penny on paid advertising. This is the place where everything comes together. You can start to build your own online business.
  • BONUS Training We will go into detail and show you how to send emails without sounding sales-y How to survey your list and discover what they want… and what offers you can sell to them, even if your product or service is not yet available!

This hands-on training from me and my marketing experts (including getting all your funnel questions answered in real time )…) is worth thousands of Dollars…




“Funnel Hacker Cookbook”


From The ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook’

You’ll Discover:

  • Every funnel must have the right ingredients (aka “sales pages elements”) to boost conversions. If one of these elements is missing, it could mean that you are adding salt to a cookie recipe instead of sugar.
  • 22 of the WINNING sales funnel templates you can use to create your offer. That way, you don’t have to worry about a mess in the kitchen and no customers.
  • The #1 “ingredient” that can make or break any sales funnel is . In fact, is the most important ingredient.
  • These 37 sales funnel pages can be used for any type of funnel, upsells or downsells. To find out which page to use for your particular funnel …?, click here. You’ll love pages 41 through 198.
  • Plus TONS MORE, including visual layouts for each of the 22 proven funnels which makes it so STINKIN’ simple (and super fun!) to build.
  • Bonus:You’ll get ALL THREE Funnel hacker Cookbook recordings. I dress up as a chef and show you how to prepare and cook winning funnels to perfection. You can also follow along at home to make your own delicious funnel!




Plug ‘n’ Play Sales Funnels


Not a web designer …?or a copywriter

No problem.

We’ll give you proven winning sales funnel templates . All you need to do is drop in your offer…your branding… flip on the switch, and watch the leads pour in!


I’m including

102+ Insane Done-For-You, Ready-To-Go Funnels,

You can run TODAY!

These pages have been made and professionally designed by our in-house team of designers!

This means that you will get the QUALITY from our world-class professional designers (some of the most TOP in the industry)! You don’t have to:

  • For each funnel, pay upwards of THOUSANDS or
  • You will need to wait for the funnel to be completed for weeks or months.

You’ll instantly have access to the entire LIBRARY to funnels already created and ready for you to choose from as soon as you begin your free trialto clickFunnels

All you have to do is insert your copy and branding.

You can actually choose pre-designed funnels that will help you:

  • Generate Streams Of LEADS – Want leads? A big fat list? You can get it. Prospects have been sucked in like Hoovers by users…and the floodgates were opened!
  • Transform Visitors into BUYERS – Stop the frustrations and delays at the checkout. Let your customers grab their credit cards and go about their business with a smile.
  • Selling Your Book – Do you have a book? These FREE Shipping Funnels are just what you need. Plus, your bump offers and upsells can be a big moneymaker.
  • Create a Webinar – Get registrations and make sales straight away. Once you have mastered your presentation, you can create an “autowebinar” to let the funnel do all the selling.
  • Launch a Product – Are you ready for all of your hard work to pay off! Next, insert your content into these Product Launch funnels. Email your JV partners. Tap into your list and turn on your selling faucet.
  • Selling a High-Selling Product Or Service – Do you want to sell $5k, $10k or $25k services or programs? You should answer “I DO!”. We made it easy for you to find your Dream clients so that you can close the sale.
  • And Much More




Software to generate headlines


Have you ever written a headline, or piece of sales copy in all your life? (Psst… Most ClickFunnels users don’t have a headline or piece of sales copy so you’re in great company

Let’s face it, there is nothing more frightening than staring at the “blinking cursor” and an empty funnel… beseeching you to write something.

You just need to get your creative juices flowing. That’s why our Headline Generator Software is so useful!

This is the “done for you” system. You simply plug in basic information like your audience demographic… their needs and desires… and then hit a button.

Our Headline Generator Software will generate a list of winning headlines that you can copy and paste into your funnel.





Training “List Building Secrets”


Do you want to create a huge list of your ideal customers? This training is for you.

Having a list of essentials is the best way to build an online business that generates sales. Regardless of any new social media platforms or apps, it is essential to have a list.

Learn in my ‘List Building Secrets’ training.

  • The “wrong way” to SPAM. I made my first $70 online and that lead me to the #1 secret behind ClickFunnels. This is how ClickFunnels became today (and how it is possible for ANY type of business… seriously… ANY kind of business …)
  • You should do this every day at 4 pm if you have just one person on your list ( This takes less than 10 minutes… and the profits will multiply month after month like clockwork!
  • This is the biggest mistake you can make right now, especially if your customer list (soooooooooooooooooooooo many business owners made the same mistake during 2020’s pandemic shutdown and it cost them dearly). You can avoid this top profit-destroying error with my tips… you’ll be amazed.
  • How to create an irresistible “lead magnetic” that attracts your DREAM CUSTOMERSto your list… all of their asking for money for whatever you are providing. This works even if …) you have never created one.
  • Use the golden lead magnet “frameworks”, which you can create for your offer, and you will be generating leads quickly. (This is especially great if you don’t like to design and just want to “plug and play” with your stuff. Then flip the switch to generate a flood of leads …)
  • How to “revive” a list you haven’t talked to in a while (MOST people don’t do this or mess it up horribly… we’ll show you how to get your subscribers to come back like old friends …)
  • There are TONS more like How to create KILLER HOOKS to “reel in” your dream customers… My “green rhino” ad brought in MILLIONS in sales. It took 1 minute to create… How to make VIRAL ads quickly without “overthinking” “… Why Batman will ALWAYS be the best when it comes return on ad spending…




Tony Robbins’ “Private Collection”.


So… What exactly is Tony’s Private Collection?


Training #1: Tony’s presentation on Funnel Hacking LIVE


This 4-1/2 hour training was where Tony and our Funnel Hackers created massive transformations in just one day! Tony will help you get from where you are in business and life to where you want to go. Your “threshold” is one of the key factors in determining your success.



Training #2: CAREER – Find Your True Grit


Do you work for a paycheck or your life’s mission? Are you ready to unlock your greatest potential, your deepest talents, and world-class abilities, in order to create a life that is full of abundance for you family? Start walking the path you were created to take today.



Training #3: Energy For Life


Imagine living a life with extraordinary health, unlimited energy, and limitless vitality. How would you feel if this was your daily reality?


You will have the drive, power, and momentum to share your love with family and friends. This training will show Tony the secrets of optimal health and vitality for your life.



Training #4: Passion and Passion


Love. Passion. Romance. Intimacy. How does it feel to experience these emotions at their highest levels, day after day. What is the SECRET to maintaining love and passion for 20-30 years?


What can you do TODAY to build extraordinary relationships in your own life? Tony will guide you through this training to help you rewire the brain so that you attract the passion and romance you have been longing for.



Training #5: The Edge


Everybody wants “The Edge”,…a life full of purpose, passion and love. How do you get it? Where do you begin?


Tony will teach you how your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, emotions and psychology impact your life.



Training #6: Time of Your Life


There are many options at your disposal every day.


Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs work HARD and feel so empty. Focus can be distracted, which can make it difficult to achieve what you truly want.


The Power of Focus can help you discover your true purpose and pinpoint the actions that will bring you the results you want. Tony will show you his Massive Action Plan that will help you achieve the results you desire.



Training #7: True Wealth


What does “wealth” really mean? Is it the freedom from worrying about money? Is it the freedom to do what you love, when you want? Are you providing for your loved ones and family? Or the ability to leave a lasting legacy that you are proud of.


This training will teach you Tony’s secrets to creating TRUE wealth…


This includes all of the training that you will need to rewire your brain so you can succeed in your business and your personal life.





Dan Kennedy’s Training Seminar “Herd Building”.


This was one of Dan Kennedy’s best training sessions. Attendees paid $4,997 to just be there!


This recording can be purchased right now for $997 on their website. However, as a limited-time bonus, you can get it all for free

A Taste of Dan Kennedy’s Herd Building Training.

  • How to use the #1 value factor to strengthen your “herd”, TODAY (and, if you don’t, then your herd could steadily decline in value day by day until it stops responding to your offers until your business dies.
  • Dan Kennedy’s secrets to creating a “personality driven” business where your animals love what you do. will print your stuff and place it on the wall like you are part of the family. This is how it sounds, however, is what makes a business stand out from a “middle” business that sells well, and a profitable, flourishing, and profitable business that runs on autopilot and keeps you sane, no matter what economic conditions.
  • Ryan Deiss’s 3 GOLDEN ways to build a massive, responsive email listquickly… without draining your traffic budget… or resorting spammy, scammy techniques… (plus he’ll show how to create the most compelling subject lines that actually force people to click, open and read before they buy!
  • There’s so much more!

You will need to know the 7 essentials to create “Google-friendly” squeeze webpages.






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