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Take the Author Challenge and get your Complete Book done in just a week. !


  •   Presented: How I Plan to 10x my Business in One Year. This Strategy Includes Complete Clarity on How to Get It Done In Hours Not Years. ($2,000 Value).
  •   This “Damn Dana Is Good” FOOL PROOF plan is ready to deploy and allows you to create an amazing book that you can leverage… (500 Value).
  •  Use the “Where Has This Been All My Life?” SYSTEM to make your book last a lifetime. (THAT is what a great book should do )… ($1,000 value)
  •   This cover system is completely automated and will give you an amazing design for your book. ($500 Value) The “I Cannot believe How Easy This Is” ACTUAL method to get all of the content in your book done (the exact same thing I use )… ($1,000 value)
  •    Join a group of Author Challenge Coaches for “Holy Crap, I’m Already Seeing the Value” group coaching sessions. You’ll see my book process and get all your questions answered. Plus, you’ll learn how to make it your own and be able to keep going! ($2,000 Value)
  •   Private ‘Challenge Only’ Facebook Group with More Unique Nuggets and High-Level People To Collaborate With… (500 Value).
  •   Dana has her own ‘Secret Printing & fulfillment Channels’ that will publish all your books and have them printed and shipped directly to customers. ($2,000 Value)


The Dream 100 Launch Program is…
Ridiculously Awesome
Most courses are. They are created by 99 percent of people just to make money. They don’t care about their experience or the actual value. They will take your money and deliver the same-old stuff. Then they’ll give you a login and tell you “here ya go”. Nobody sees results. We’re changing the game… and I’m taking you along to show it . Download Your Dream 100 Launch Application Now
What to Expect…Dream 100:
  • Get complete clarity on who and what: You will know exactly WHO
    What to target to get a “YES!”
  • The Dream 100: You will be the FIRST to receive ALL of it
    Dana’s personal nuggets (they’re RIDICULOUS …)
  • PRIVATE Coaching Private group coaching
    With a small group of people to answer ALL your questions (valued at $25,000)
  • An Amazing, Fun Journey: You know what hanging out with me is like
  • New DFY Section – We will (Read below)
  • 1 Research and building the Dream 100 List.
    Contact information and icebreakers so you can take
    Take control of your traffic, and create your own audience as quickly as possible
  • 2 Create the best, original scripts to support your outreach campaign
    Making sure they are perfect in order to get receptive responses
  • 3 The actual sending the scripts to your Dream 100 targets.
    All their contacts with a follow up message in case they need it
    Do not’reply immediately’
  • Get a Free Ticket to a One-Day Mastermind on April 2nd at Our World Famous Office in Clear Lake WI




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