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Learn the Hidden Personality Language for Influencing People to Get What You Want, Ethically and Effortlessly, and Master the Secret Psychology of the World’s Top Coaches.




In this ground-breaking training course for People Patterns Mastery

You will discover:

Learn to read people’s minds so you can reply appropriately, giving you more communication freedom in any setting.

Improve your ethical persuasion and persuasion skills dramatically, practically immediately

Identify a person’s “triggers” as soon as you meet them, even nonverbally.

Recognize your clients’ intentions by interpreting their body language.

Encourage others and yourself to ACT

Improve your sales performance right away to earn more money.

Boost every aspect of your internet marketing to boost online sales.

Become a more influential and successful coach or consultant.

Improve your negotiating skills

Make wiser choices (and help your clients make better decisions)

Improve your professional and personal connections significantly





what you receive



The full People Patterns Mastery online course, which has nine modules and more than sixty video lessons, Online Education

The updated Workbook for People Patterns Mastery

The People Pattern Power by Wyatt Woodsmall (more than 300 pages!) is available online.

BONUS #1: Regular coaching Q&A sessions

BONUS #2: The 1 Percent Formula: Learn the coaching strategies used by all elite coaches

BONUS #3: A newly updated 100-page manual titled “Business Applications of NLP” by Wyatt Woodsmall

Bonus #4: “People Patterns Mastery in Action,” a live recording of Wyatt Woodsmall’s session from Joe Soto’s exclusive mastermind weekend that has never been made public.

Bonus #5: 5 MINUTE PROFILING SECRETS: Discover how to quickly and accurately categorize each individual into one of the personality types (from 1 to 9) and immediately understand how to change their behavior for the BETTER.






Joe Soto – People Patterns Mastery







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