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Without having to hire or code, learn how to validate your business idea and build it.

 I created Unicorn Factory

Unicorn Factory was launched in early 2019 to help freelancers and businesses in New Zealand. It is New Zealand’s largest freelancing marketplace. Over the past twelve months, it has helped more than 1500 Kiwi-owned businesses to hire and find over 550 freelancers.

The platform costs me about $500 per month, I don’t have employees, and takes up to 4-5 hours each week. Unicorn Factory Canada is now available for international expansion.

It was all done without me having to learn how to code or hire developers. I also didn’t have to quit my job as a freelancer to make it happen. It has also allowed me to make a significant impact on local freelancers in New Zealand.


 How To Start An Online Marketplace
Through Unicorn Factory’s creation and my work with other marketplace startups, it has taught me five key points to building a successful online marketplace:

Identify the industries in which suppliers are having difficulty promoting themselves, and where customers are having difficulties finding the right supplier.
Find out the information that customers require to locate the right suppliers.
A local prototype of a directory to organize the information customers need in order to find the right supplier or service for them.
Get feedback from customers on how easy it was for them to find the right supplier or service with your prototype.
You can use this feedback to improve. Repeat step 4 & 5 until rich.
 The Problems
Although it sounds simple, launching your own marketplace is not easy.

Your prototype is being built
It can be costly to build a prototype. This would usually require hiring skilled developers and being clear about what needs to be built. It can be difficult to find the right person for your project if you don’t have any tech experience. Hiring the wrong person could cost you both time and money.

You can also learn to build the platform yourself, instead of hiring someone to do it for you. Learning how to code and how to use No Code tools can take many years.

Management of ongoing costs
Relying on other people to run your platform will result in significant ongoing costs. You may not know if it will make you money. This is the number one reason why businesses (or marketplaces) fail: they run out money.

Selecting the right business model
There are many ways to market a marketplace. The best one will depend on what niche you’re in and how much traffic you have. It will be very difficult to manage your marketplace sustainably if you choose the wrong business model.

 MVMP Launchpad
The MVMP Coaching program was designed to assist aspiring market entrepreneurs who cannot code (or can …)) get their platform up-and-running faster than those who have to spend thousands of hours researching the internet or invest tens to thousands of dollars in developers. This program will walk you through the exact steps I took to create Unicorn Factory New Zealand, Canada.

What will you discover?

How to design and create your directory – I will show you how to use Webflow to design and build your directories. You will receive a copy my MVMP Template and video tutorials about Webflow.
How to create an admin database. I will also show you how to design and construct a database to control the flow of information from your website to all other tools.
Automate your workflows. You’ll also learn how automate workflows in your marketplace so that you don’t have to set up everything manually each time someone registers.
How to use integrations for your site to reach the next level – Learn how to integrate third party tools such as Memberstack and Jetboost to add wonderful elements to your site, like directory filtering or user accounts.
How to use systems for traction on your platform – I’ll show you my workflows and systems. Because you need suppliers to launch your website, and customers to use it to keep your suppliers happy, you will need suppliers to add to your directory.
How to manage your platform without having to rely on others. My goal is to give you the skills and confidence to build and maintain your online marketplace without hiring anyone. Your online business will be completely under your control.







Ryan Lee – My Peeps Building List





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