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Hey, I’m Janis.

It was easier than I thought to communicate ideas visually when I began.

Within 6 months , I quit my job to get the chance to work with Shaan Puri and Naval Ravikant, Steven Bartlett and Matt D’Avella.

My visuals are now seen by millions every month. This is adding thousands to my audience.

It’s not just me.

Students are seeing similar results since the course starts in December 2021.

  • Elliott has built a following of 24k on Snapchat and 13k Twitter within 6 months. He also freelances.
  • Alex has been viral multiple times. Freelance freelancer, Alex has built a following of more than 40k people via his Instagram and Twitter .
  • Moina and Roberto, Tracy, Aidan and Liva, as well as many others, are enjoying the process and getting great results. Many of them have no design experience.

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There are zero hacks. There are no shortcuts.

This market is not well-served.

Here’s what’s inside. |


Core Lessons

You’ll master 4 core modules in 1h 30min. This will teach you everything you need to create visuals that make people think, love, and share . We will start with the fundamental principles and finish with the tools and execution. You don’t require any paid software or tools to get started. )

“Explaining Ideas Visually was one of my best purchases.” The course was a great introduction to a variety of topics, including the design and tools necessary to create compelling visuals that can be understood by a wide audience.

Aidan Youep


You can see me doing it live!

Behind the scenes videos You’ll hear me explain every step and see me create visuals from start using various tools such as Figma, Affinity Designer and Procreate.

Janis’s information was amazing. His information was honest and not marketed to anyone. He was trying to teach people a new skill. So everyone can understand the technique, he doesn’t use complex words.

— Enes Kartal


Video Feedback Sessions

Since I want you to succeed, I will provide feedback tailored to your work. I will tell you why and what you can do to improve your work. These feedback sessions are very useful for students.








Janis Ozolins – Explain Ideas Visually





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