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I was extremely passionate about VoIP technology at the time it first appeared and I was able to see how it would impact the future. Since it was a subject that I was intrigued by I decided to use the information I was researching and studying to make an excellent website.

Due to this, the development of the first site was an initial hobby project that which a lot of individuals were interested however, there wasn’t any information readily available on the subject.

These things definitely worked to my advantage. I didn’t have the “This is crazy, maybe I should stop” doubts. I had no idea that it was possible to sell websites and there was no reason in which I would lose my faith!

Since I didn’t start out with a monthly income target or a sales target I was not going be irritated by not achieving a certain number of revenue or traffic in a timely manner.

The time came for me to purchase my website for what seemed to be an absurd sum of cash for a struggling university student (it was $25,000) I realized there was plenty of potential in this site and I wanted to know how to duplicate my first success by accident and transform it into an easily repeatable procedure.


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