James Lee – Automated Income-Money Making Automations for Gumroad Creators & Affiliates

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Gumroad is among the best platforms for creators to quickly sell their digital goods. Gumroad also comes with an affiliate programs that are popular for affiliate marketers.

In reality, Gumroad lacks a lot of the modern features and integrated tools that other platforms that are more expensive provide.

Being an affiliate marketing professional, Gumroad creator, and notoriously cheapskate, I decided to bridge the gap with absolutely free software.

When I was thinking “I wish Gumroad did this” I attempted to come up with a cost-free (or affordable) solution by myself.

This class isn’t just an in-depth video tour of all the automated tools I employ on a regular basis to manage my Gumroad digital affiliate marketing business but also a masterclass that will give you all the necessary skills to develop any automation that you can think of.

I’ll share with you exactly the tools and procedures I employ to manage my digital products business which has brought in more than $22k in the last nine months ($5k in the last month by itself) It’s amazing! !

Who should this course be intended for:

Automated Income is an essential feature for any affiliate or creator using Gumroad. Gumroad platform.

Creators will be capable of reducing time and generate more income through seamless integration of Gumroad with third party software to manage their digital product business.

For affiliates, I’ll provide an top secret automated system that gives you an unbeatable advantage over all the other affiliates you compete with every day (I assure you that there is no other affiliate using the same method).

If you’re an affiliate/creator who is already able to understanding of the basics, or a potential side hustler looking to get ahead of of the crowd This course will teach you how you can quickly get past the line and earn more money in less time



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