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What You’ll Learn In Hedge Fund Trender
Remove Destructive Emotions from Trading

Greed and fear may have done more to derail traders over the years than just about anything else. Every professional trader will tell you that you must keep your emotions in check in order to make money consistently in the markets.

The Hedge Fund Trender analyzes the strength of shifts in supply and demand in a market and only generates a signal dot when these shifts meet certain back-tested criteria. This helps you to ignore the negative emotions of greed and fear and focus on important market internals like supply and demand.

Take the Guesswork out of Trading with Hedge Fund Trender

Take the guess work out of trading with an actual hedge fund inspired trading strategy used in the Hedge Fund Trender. Regardless of whether you Day Trade, Swing Trade, or Trend Trade, the Hedge Fund Trender can help you identify high quality trading signals in the markets when your research tells you that a big price move is about to happen. Now you can trade both intraday short-term trades or end-of-day longer-term trades.

The Hedge Fund Trender can be used with all trading timeframe. We recommend trading markets with strong directional movement. The Hedge Fund Trender can be applied to both short-term intraday day trading (5 min, 30 min, and 60 min price charts or Tick Charts) and longer-term end-of-day trading (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly price charts).

You also have the option to hide your trend breakout lines on your chart (shown above). If you simply want to focus on swing trades, then you only need the Hedge Fund Trender swing trade dots with the IntelliStepTM Trailing Stop Technology.

Hedge Fund Trender Helps You Position Stops

Placing risk management stops in the markets is one of the most challenging aspects of trading. If you place stops to close to entries, you run the risk of getting stopped out of trades that end up becoming winners. If stops are too far away from your entries, then you end up risking too much. The IntelliStepTM trailing chart dots are designed to help you position Hedge Fund Trender risk stops in the markets. Because placing stops in any market is challenging, we developed IntelliStepTM trailing stop dots to both help you control risk and to help you capture profits.








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