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What exactly does Chat Crew entail?
Zoom calls, scripts, and ManyChat sequences over the course of 5 days. The majority of the ManyChat sequences are broken and must be rebuilt. The zoom call replay links are still functional, which is reassuring.

Overall, I would advise not doing the Chat Crew training. It’s a work in progress and not a stand-alone application. Only if you pay $5,000 per month for coaching will you see results.

The advantages are indisputable:
Once you know how, it’s simple to construct.
There is no requirement for a website or landing page.
There’s no need to post on social media.
There are no logos to design.
You don’t have to utilize ClickFunnels or other similar tools.
Furthermore, Messenger pre-populates their information (making it easy on them, and accurate for the local biz owner).

Tim Stremos and Brian Willie

Local marketer support, client getters and founders of the one item that sells like hotcakes in local…

….really scheduled appointments.

No, not leads, but scheduled appointments.

You’ve seen our video. At the very least, I hope you did!

And what did you do this time?

For our local clients, we built up systems to create thousands of scheduled appointments…

…and then sell each one for $60-80. Occasionally, $125-150 per person.

What will it cost us?

On average, it costs $25.

It can be as little as $2!

And the best thing is?

We are paid large retainers up front so that our clients can cover the cost of our advertising.

We never put our own money into their advertisements.

Because, well, that’d be ridiculous.

Some of our clients require 120 scheduled appointments per week.

Isn’t it crazy?

That’s a profit of $3600 every week on average.

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is the place to be.

-It’s difficult for you to persuade clients to say yes (hint this gets them drooling and actually chasing after you)

-You’ve had it with SEO and are ready to move on.

-You’ve tried standard sponsored advertisements and failed to get results.

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Tim Stremos, Brian Willie – Chat Crew






If You want to buy just this Course or You want to become a Member

Contact Us on Site Chat or Emai: [email protected]


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