Tiago Forte – Building a Second Brain

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A new method to increase efficiency, creating flow and dramatically increasing your capacity to record, recall and gain from the awe-inspiring quantity of information available to us.
As for the very first time in human history that we have immediate access to all the knowledge of the world. There’s never been a better time to gain knowledge about, contribute to, and to grow. But, instead of feeling confident, we are often overwhelmed by the constant flow of information. The very information which was supposed to empower us is instead causing an overwhelming fear that we’ll never learn or remember enough.

Then, this informative and simple guide will show you how to easily build an individual system of knowledge management, which is also called the Second Brain. It is a reliable and organized digital repository for your most valuable ideas, notes and creative work that is synced across all devices and platforms The Second Brain gives you the confidence to take on your most pressing tasks and goals with confidence.

Explore how you can maximize your thoughts and transform what you have learned into more effective significant improvements in your career and in your life through creating a second brain.


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