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Are you looking to take your breathing practice to the next level?

We have just the thing for you – the Advanced Course created by combining all of the information from our best-selling Fundamentals Course, higher level education from our Certified Instructor Course plus more.

Whether you are looking to optimize your performance, strengthen your health or improve your stress resilience, the Advanced Course is the perfect fit for you.

You will learn how to achieve the “Flow State”, which is an essential part of physical, mental and emotional training to become your best self.

Our Advanced Course includes newly produced and highly requested targeted coaching protocols in the “Profiles in Breathing” section. These protocols were created personally by Stig and Sean Coakley, Global Master Instructor, and organized in the following profile areas: Optimizing Performance, Strengthening Health, and Improving Stress Resilience.

In addition, we have included 3 specific trainings to enhance your training even further:

“Super Human Lungs”, which will take your respiratory performance to the next level, “Breath and Movement Coordination for High Performance” to help you maximize your physical abilities, and “Ultimate Water Submersion” to help you dive deeper into your oxygen and breath control.

With the Advanced Course, you will also receive access to exclusive Q&A sessions with Stig and Sean, as well as video demonstrations to view and refer back to as often as you need.

So, if you are looking to take your breathing practice to the next level, the Advanced Course is the perfect fit for you. With our comprehensive content, you can be sure that you are getting the best training to become your best self.









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