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What You Get:

Get certified to run social media ads that generate sustainable results (and keep clients hooked!). I’m talking about . . .

. . . Facebook™ ads that cut through all the noise.

. . . Instagram™ ads that convert like crazy.

. . . And TikTok™ ads that make ’em say, “How did you do that?!”

Plus, you’ll unlock access to the backend secret sauce. (You know, the stuff you need to build an empire!)


Discover how to:


✔ Create a demand so intense that potential clients come to YOU

✔ Price your services the right way . . . and get it in writing!

✔ Secure your first 3 to 5 clients (think dream clients, not penny-pinchers!)

✔ Onboard your new clients and WOW them with top-notch service

✔ Navigate hiring and outsourcing like a seasoned pro


. . . AND get access to all my proven systems – including the processes I personally use to create contracts and get new clients up and running seamlessly – exclusive extra training, and a can’t-miss BONUS ( . . . but I’m getting ahead of myself . . . more on that later!).



ALL the in-depth training you need to run successful campaigns on Facebook™, Instagram™, and TikTok™
The backend biz processes you need to scale with unparalleled confidence
Unrestricted access to my client contract and onboarding systems (Yes, the EXACT strategies I use!)
Weekly LIVE coaching calls where all the ads management magic happens


Phase One

Master Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Ads
The first step in the program is getting you through the advertising training vault.



Phase Two

Get Clients, FAST!
Knowing how to run ads is half the battle. Having clients pay you $2,000+ for your services in the other. Learn my system for creating massive demand and becoming a fully-booked ads manager



Phase Three

Creating Your Onboarding Systems + Client Boundaries
Once you have clients, you need to know how to onboard them and create a repeatable process for them. This will save you endless hours and headaches.










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