Sean Longden – Ultimate Agency Resource

Sean Longden – Ultimate Agency Resource. Download This Course For Cheap Price…

Whether you’re:

  • Looking to start your own agency from scratch
  • Already have your agency set up but struggling to get clients
  • Looking for a way to scale your agency with SOPs and VAs

This is something you’ll take value from

And bare with me….

This is a one-time payment for lifetime access to one, if not the most, complete resource on the internet on the agency space

Proudly Presenting The Ultimate Agency Resource

Here are some of the featured perks of this product:

1. GoHighLevel Sub-account For $25 – You can save $74 a month to have one of the best all-in-one sales & marketing platforms for lead generation agencies (CRM + Landing Page Builder + Omni-channel Outreach Campaigns)

2. 6-figure Agency Owners Webinars – I’ve recorded and uploaded 4 webinars with 6-figure agency owners around several key topics that will make you run your agency more smoothly while being able to scale (standalone value based on similar offers: $997)

3. Getting Started Chapter – Initial chapter designed specifically to build strong foundations before heading to the more advanced content. (standalone value based on similar offers: $47)

4. Market Research Chapter – This is where most people get it wrong and end up wasting hours upon hours in wasted efforts duo to poorly made market research. I’ll give you all the tools to perform elite market research and start one step ahead of your competition. (standalone value based on similar offers: $97)

5. Sending/Outreach – Everything you need to know about omnichannel outbound prospecting with the exact approach you should have to maximize positive responses and meetings booked. (standalone value based on similar offers: $297)

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