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How to Learn More with Less Studying

Do you ever spend hours re-reading material that never seems to stick?

Do you struggle with hard concepts that others seem to understand instantly?

Does it feel like you quickly forget the information you worked so hard to remember?

Are your classes consuming your life, but you’re still not getting the grades you want?

These situations are all incredibly common. Many students seem to think the only way to do better is simply to study more. But this ignores the fact that many students can seemingly breeze through tough courses without having to put in nearly the same amount of hours.

Are the students that breeze through hard classes simply more intelligent? While fixed intelligence certainly plays a role, I want to convince you that a lot of the difference between low-effort, successful students and high-effort unsuccessful ones comes down to a difference in method. Smart students don’t just learn better, they learn differently.

I want to teach you how smart people learn, so you can also get great results without the struggle.

In a perfect world, this would have been something you learned in school, alongside math and physics. Unfortunately, schools spend years teaching us what to learn, they rarely, if ever, teach us how to learn. As a result, many students spend years using inefficient methods for learning, without realizing that there’s a better way.

How to Learn Faster

When most people think about learning faster, they think that’s something only geniuses can do. People who get great grades without endless hours of work must be just be smarter than the rest of us. Right?


Research shows that different methods (the kind smart people often use instinctively) can have dramatically different effects—even for normal people like you and me:

  • Using deeper levels of processing allowed students in one study to remember twice as much information, using the same amount of review time. [Craik 1972]
  • Small differences in how you practice can mean the difference between rapid improvement and staying on a skill plateau forever. [Ericsson 1993]
  • Memory can be hacked. Joshua Foer went from mediocre memory to 2005 U.S. Memory Championship winner, able to memorize thousands of items at lighting speed. All using a simple technique I teach in this course. [Foer 2011]

Change Your Methods, Get Dramatic Results

Changing your methods can have dramatic results. I’ve documented this myself, learning MIT’s 4-year computer science curriculum in 12 months. You can see my TEDx Talk here, discussing it:

More importantly, students who have taken my course have also gotten results:

  • John P. cut his studying time by 75% while improving his grades.
  • R.J., a former C-student, aced his professional exam in half the time.
  • Nayamot, went from failing to acing his chemistry class using just one method I teach.
  • Santiago went from barely passing with no social life to top grades and thousands of dollars in scholarships.
  • Deepali aced two years of material in two months, while still scoring in the top 1% for a national engineering exam.

But don’t take my word for it, hear from the students themselves:

How Can You Learn Faster?

I’m not going to hold back—I’m going to tell you what the secret is right now. All of these results are achievable through a learning strategy I call holistic learning.

Holistic learning is the process of learning by making connections.

You see, most students try to memorize information. They hope that if they repeat the ideas enough times, they’ll finally understand and remember it on an exam.

This can work—but it’s incredibly slow.

Holistic learners don’t do this. Instead they work to link ideas together. This forms a web of knowledge which can allow you to remember things you’d otherwise forget.

Holistic learning helps you remember more, but it also helps you learn better too. By linking ideas, you understand them better. Holistic learning, therefore, can make you smarter—by allowing you to access knowledge in a way your friends and classmates can’t.

How Learn More, Study Less Will Make You a Holistic Learner

That’s great, but how do you actually do it?

This book has material to help you master every aspect of the learning process:

  • How to organize your work so you never need to feel stressed.
  • Remember anything you read, the first time you read it.
  • Break down the most difficult ideas in the world, so they’re easy to understand.
  • Take notes to seal in knowledge the first time it’s presented.
  • Level-up any skill you want to be better at.
  • Tackle standardized exams like the GMAT, MCAT, LSAT and SAT.
  • Learn the technique to memorize thousands of items almost instantly

What’s in the Book?

The book is 228 pages, first explaining the principles of holistic learning and how you can integrate the strategy into your learning efforts. Next, I’ve included a discussion of over a dozen specific tactics you can start using immediately to read faster, remember more and understand ideas more deeply.

In addition, I’ve also included six printable worksheets which guide you through applying the techniques taught in the book and a case-study package, which includes walkthroughs of how different students applied the ideas taught in the book to tackle difficult exams and courses.

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