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How to Create a $1-$3 Million Dollar a Year Micro-Business.. Without the Stress of “Being Everywhere” and “Doing Everything”


Hi, I’m Ryan Lee and in the past 7 days, I’ve done exactly…


  • • ZERO TikTok videos
  • • ZERO Facebook lives
  • • ZERO Clubhouse minutes
  • • ZERO Blog posts
  • • ZERO LinkedIn posts
  • • ZERO Podcast recordings

Yet, despite my obsession with doing as little “hustling” as possible (so I can spend more time with my 4 kids), revenue is up 31% in the past week.

How is this possible? Doesn’t it fly in the face of everything you’ve been taught about marketing online?

The truth is, it’s impossible to be everywhere. And you certainly cannot “out-content” all your competitors.

So what’s the “secret”? Is there a “hack”? Some “loophole” I found?



After successfully building business online for 22 years, I’ve become pretty damn good at figuring out what works.. and what’s a waste of time. Through endless real-world testing, tweaking and iterations (in markets outside of “IM”) – I see things most “coaches” miss.

Look, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re like me.

You love creating. You love freedom. You want to build a business ethically and with integrity. And yes, it’s always nice to make more money.

But with every turn, there’s another decision to make. And another decision. And another decision. Overwhelm and doubt quickly spiral into wheel-spinning mode you can never get out from.

Gimme a “yes” if you’ve thought about any of these…

  • Is my market too saturated? Too small? Too big? How am I going to stand out?
  • Should I create a course? How long should it be? How much should I charge? Should it be just video? Should the content be dripped?
  • What platform do I use? Kajabi? ClickFunnels? Shopify? What about email? Active Campaign? Aweber?
  • Should I create a membership site? If so, should there be a Facebook group? Should I use WordPress? How many times should it be updated?
  • Should I build a list first or go for the sale? Should I do a webinar? Or a video sales letter? Or a challenge?
  • Should I do Facebook ads? If so, how do I do that? What about YouTube ads? Or Instagram ads? Do I need to hire a media buyer? How much do they cost?
  • How often should I create new social media content? What about videos? Is blogging still a thing? Should I get on Clubhouse? What about TikTok?

And this is just a tiny sample.. I could go on for days.

Plus each one of these questions leads you down the rabbit hole.

For example, if I do a webinar, how long should it be? Which platform should I use? Can I do it on Zoom? Should it be live or evergreen?

Uggg…. no wonder you feel overwhelmed and it’s not surprising why so many quit.

Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do everything. I’ve been watching all the group comments.

I’ve been reading all the messages. I’ve been listening to all the questions.

And I’ve taken ALL my business “wins” and distelled it down to ONE system.

In other words, you’re going to FINALLY get ALL the answers in one simple system that’s been proven over decades…



MICRO workshop recordings by Ryan Lee

I’m a father of four who started the world’s first membership site in 1999 and have been called “The World’s #1 Lifestyle Entrepeneur” by Entrepeneur.com. I’ve personally built four 7-figure companies and two 8-figure companies all while still have an actual life and rarely ventured outside of my small town!



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