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Learn how to use digital printouts to generate passive revenue.

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Learn how to generate passive income.

With Printable Digital Products!


If you’ve been using the Low Hanging System and are happy with the money you’re getting from physical things…


Even if you haven’t, but like the notion of increasing your Etsy passive revenue…


You should absolutely think about selling printable things.


It turns out that this is a terrific asset class to invest in, with the potential to earn some fantastic passive income.


But, before I explain why, let me take a step back.


I had no idea selling printables on Etsy was even a thing till a few years ago. However, as it turns out,

There are Etsy shops that sell

Hundreds of thousands

Items to print!


I’ll go over the many types of printables available, but first, let me whet your appetite by showing you a few distinct categories where sellers are killing it…


It just goes on and on.


These are all people who are selling largely DIGITAL products and are having great success.


And these are just a few examples; there are many more Etsy stores with incredible results.

Here are a few examples of digital downloads that customers are happy to buy:

Skype Shopping Bags


There are numerous sales for things such as:






They can print up bingo games.




Gift certificates


Materials for education


Downloadable wall art


Coloring books






Templates for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets


Graphics in SVG format


Valentine’s Day cards printable




…and a whole lot more!

They’re not just in high demand, but

However, they are quite simple to do.


I now enjoy selling actual goods. I’m not suggesting you don’t sell them.


They’re great since they have a greater profit margin and have brought me millions of dollars in gross income over the years.


Additionally, printables are an excellent addition to your portfolio.


There are several advantages to having them:


No issues with sizing


There are no formatting issues.


There are no slow-shipping vendors.


It is quite simple to make a consumer pleased.


It’s also very easy to receive fantastic evaluations as a result of this.


Customers can download these and then walk away…

This transforms YOU.

passive revenue


Of course, you may encounter client troubles from time to time… AND, by definition, these will have considerably less difficulties.


This is something I’ve seen firsthand.


To be honest, my regular low-hanging fruit isn’t particularly stressful and is primarily passive money.


That said, I’ve seen that my digital retailers have almost no issues.


People can see exactly what they’re getting on the thumbnail as long as the file is straightforward to download. It is quite simple. Easy as pie.


From my experience, I can say:

Hundreds of sales have been produced in our less than 6-month-old store…


When I saw how many sales some of these top sellers were making, I decided to explore whether this was something you and I could profit from.


We did a few tests and came up with some impressive results:

And sales are increasing month after month.


Another store we had, which was a month or two older, had 311 sales.


In addition, we added additional printables to one of my primary stores, which sold:


484 sales on the first digital item


221 sales on digital item #2


188 sales on digital item #3


122 sales on digital item #4


108 sales on digital item #5


94 sales on digital item #6


45 sales on digital item #7







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