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Publisher Rocket is a keyword research tool that helps you understand how readers use Amazon and choose the books they buy. It’s compatible with both PCs and Macs, which is nice, and you can download it here.

Publisher Rocket is essentially a research tool. It helps self-published authors understand what readers actually want, and how to connect with them with your books. But it’s not just for self-published or independent authors—traditional publishers use it too.

Here are some things you can discover in Publisher Rocket:

What phrases Amazon buyers are actually searching for.
The psychology of how readers choose to buy books.
How much money readers are spending on certain niches and topics.
How much money specific books are making per month (for example, books that might be competing with yours).

With this knowledge, you can reverse engineer titles, subtitles, descriptions, and even entire books—if you want—and be confident that they will do well on Amazon.







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