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Next Level Playing With Paul Davids


Next Level Playing with Paul Davids is an advanced guitar course designed to take guitarists from intermediate to expert level. Paul Davids, a renowned guitar instructor with a massive online following, brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to this comprehensive program. This course promises to transform your guitar playing skills by focusing on techniques, music theory, and practical applications that are essential for any serious guitarist.

Who is Paul Davids?

Paul Davids is a celebrated guitarist and instructor known for his engaging teaching style and exceptional ability to make complex concepts accessible. With a YouTube channel boasting millions of subscribers, Paul has become a trusted name in the guitar community. His lessons are characterized by clarity, creativity, and a deep understanding of music theory, making him an ideal guide for anyone looking to elevate their guitar playing.

Course Overview

Structure and Content

Next Level Playing is meticulously structured to provide a step-by-step progression from intermediate to advanced guitar playing. The course is divided into several modules, each focusing on different aspects of guitar mastery:

  • Module 1: Technique Mastery
    • Finger Independence: Exercises to enhance finger strength and independence.
    • Picking Techniques: Mastering alternate, sweep, and economy picking.
    • Advanced Legato: Developing smooth and fluid legato playing.
  • Module 2: Music Theory
    • Scales and Modes: In-depth exploration of major, minor, and modal scales.
    • Chord Construction: Understanding complex chords and their applications.
    • Harmony and Progressions: Creating harmonically rich chord progressions.
  • Module 3: Practical Applications
    • Improvisation: Techniques for improvising over various musical styles.
    • Songwriting: Tools and techniques for crafting original music.
    • Performance Skills: Tips for live performance and overcoming stage fright.

Key Features

  • Video Lessons: High-quality video lessons that are easy to follow.
  • Interactive Tabs: Detailed tablature for all exercises and songs.
  • Practice Tracks: Backing tracks for practicing improvisation and soloing.
  • Personalized Feedback: Opportunities for personalized feedback from Paul.

Why Choose Next Level Playing?

Comprehensive Learning

This course offers a comprehensive learning experience that covers all the essential aspects of guitar playing. Whether you are looking to improve your technique, deepen your understanding of music theory, or enhance your improvisation skills, Next Level Playing provides the tools and guidance you need.

Expert Instruction

Paul Davids’ reputation as an expert instructor is well-deserved. His ability to break down complex concepts into manageable lessons makes learning enjoyable and effective. His passion for teaching and music is evident in every lesson, inspiring students to reach their full potential.

Flexibility and Convenience

The online format of the course allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can revisit lessons as needed, practice with the provided materials, and track your progress over time. This flexibility makes it easier to fit guitar practice into your busy schedule.

Community and Support

By joining the Next Level Playing course, you become part of a community of like-minded guitar enthusiasts. This supportive environment provides opportunities for collaboration, sharing insights, and receiving constructive feedback. Additionally, the course includes access to exclusive Q&A sessions with Paul Davids.


John D.: “Next Level Playing with Paul Davids transformed my guitar skills. The structured approach and detailed lessons made all the difference. Highly recommend it!”

Sarah M.: “Paul’s teaching style is incredible. He makes learning complex techniques fun and approachable. I’ve seen huge improvements in my playing.”

Michael T.: “The personalized feedback from Paul was invaluable. It helped me correct bad habits and refine my technique. This course is worth every penny.”


Next Level Playing with Paul Davids is the ultimate course for guitarists looking to elevate their skills and achieve mastery. With its comprehensive content, expert instruction, and flexible learning format, this course provides everything you need to become a proficient and confident guitarist. Join Paul Davids on this transformative journey and take your guitar playing to the next level.

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