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How to land real estate deals using social media

Proven Methods Work Anywhere, Even Untapped, Uncrowded, and Unknown Markets

  • You will get warm-hot, consistent leads from people who WANT to help you! No awkward cold calling
  • These are the 17 outsiders that mainstream real estate investors often overlook. This has been shown to reduce rejections.
  • Find the automation tools that will transform your life and business forever.

Book A Cost-Saving Marketing Strategy Session

A marketing strategist will create a plan that is specific to your market. This session will provide you with an inbound marketing strategy that can save you up to 30% on your marketing expenses.

We have limited availability for our marketing strategists, so schedule your session today.

Create a business around your life

You’ll never need to build your life around your business again

Inbound marketing strategies and automation tools can help you save time and money.


Here are some things to expect from your cost-savings marketing strategy meeting:

1. Evaluate

We will discuss your current position in real estate investing. What are your marketing strategies right now? Are they getting you the results that you want?

2. A Money-Saving Inbound Marketing Strategy

Based on your answers we will create an inbound marketing strategy that is specific to your area. Outbound marketing is significantly more expensive and less effective than inbound.

3. Automate and Implement

These marketing strategies can be used to generate new leads. Automation tools make it simple to nurture leads and manage deal flow. Lather, rinse, repeat, grow.

A new way to start a real estate investing business is available

Marketing the old way is inefficient and expensive.

It’s also inauthentic. You can be your authentic self by learning how to market your investment business via social media. People will respond to your advertisement feeling that they know, like, and trust you.

Imagine how it would feel to help people in times of greatest need. It’s to know that each deal you do is profitable for both you and the seller.

Marketing is more than just a subject we teach.

We show you how to run a heart-centered and ethical real estate investment company. There are many wealthy people who can teach you the “old way” of real estate investing. But these sleazy tactics will cause stress and insomnia. We don’t want you to do that.

It is possible to start and grow a profitable and ethical real estate investment business.

We will show you.

We work with. . .

  • Experienced real estate investors
  • Rookie real estate investors
  • Market professionals who work with REI
  • People who are looking to build a business that is ethical and heart-centered, which allows them to live the best life possible
  • Investors invest in their own businesses and themselves.


Schedule your strategy session, no obligation, today to take the first step in growing your REI business.



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