MindValley – Sadhguru – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

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What you’ll learn

  1. Unconditional bliss is possible no matter what happens around you.Bliss does not come and go depending on the circumstances. It’s a permanent state that you can choose to live in for the rest of your life. Learn more.
  2. Permanently banish suffering in your lifeAre you destined to suffer from the inevitable side effects of all the pain that life brings? Sadhguru says it doesn’t have be. With the right perspective, it can be avoided.
  3. How concepts such as morality and religious dogma can sabotage your spiritual growthSadhguru suggests that you only need one compass to find what is right for you. It doesn’t exist in any philosophical or religious texts.
  4. Playfulness is a powerful tool in a world of painMany people lose their innocence and joy as children. This is a loss that can lead to one of the most important aspects of human experience. Learn how to regain it at any age.
  5. How to deal with anxiety and stress?Sadhguru says that by working with your inner mind, you can reduce stress and anxiety as well as completely eliminate it from your reality.
  6. There are many other options.

This Masterclass will give you new perspectives and tools for managing your emotions and daily experiences. Overcoming pain and suffering. Infusing your every day with deeper joy, peace, and connection to all that surrounds you.




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