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To the Facebook marketer whose advertisements only lasted a few seconds before being removed…

The $20,000 ad blueprint behind Facebook’s most successful and long-running ads will help you “ban proof” your own ads!
This little-known seven-template approach can help you produce commercials faster and more confidently…
and receive the consistent conversions you need to grow your business

Introducing… Ad Templates That Aren’t Banned

This is my seven-template approach for generating profitable advertising in minutes…in any niche…without fear of being banned.
It’s the result of a year-long investigation into the blueprints of Facebook’s longest-running (and most profitable) advertising from the previous two years.

With this in your possession…

You don’t need to be concerned about what to write…

You don’t have to sit around waiting for inspiration to strike…

…or go through the hassle of recruiting and vetting a copywriter.

You’ll be so confident in your ads once you’ve finished composing them that they’ll bring you amazing results.

Isn’t that all there is to it?

Once you’ve determined your target market, how you can assist them, and the style of advertisement you want to create…

Just have a look at the 82-page blueprint…

Choose a template that you like…

Then make your own by following the ad samples.

What’s even better?

It’s a simple template that you can finish today and start generating great advertising the next day.

Come in and take a look at what’s inside…

The Hook and the Look

Simple text that grabs attention and sells the sizzle is sometimes all you need. This template will help you create some of the most straightforward advertisements you’ve ever written. It’s also ideal for retargeting advertisements.

The Six Shooter is a game in which you have to shoot six

When writing longer material, you may ask, “Are you sure they’ll read all of this?”

Your audience will read your material if you use the six-shooter.

It uses a tried-and-true formula for condensing lengthy ad material. It’s also ideal for business opportunity niches.

The Fake Story

Storytelling is a lucrative business. However, you must tell it well.

You don’t have to be a master storyteller to accomplish so, fortunately.

The tall tale catches incredible story commercials; all you have to do is look at their foundation to effortlessly create your own.

Zooming in on the Classroom

Yes, it is correct! Your copy will sound less salesy if you educate your reader.

It’s also a clever technique to establish trust and nurture your audience.

However, you run the risk of seeming monotonous. And conversions are killed by boredom.

Classroom Zoom shows you how to convey information in a fun way so you can sell while you teach.

The Distinctive Critique

Your market has a major issue. And bringing up the subject is a proven way to catch their attention.

The finest advertisements have a unique method of exposing problems, and it’s packed with information.

.punch if you stick to the template’s tried-and-true structure.

In the Amazon, I’m Lost

How do you avoid your ad copy screaming “I’m an ad”?

This two-step template will teach you how. It’s also ideal for video advertisements.

You can do it as long as you have customers who have purchased from you.

The Crossbreed

A mix-and-match framework comprising the six patterns stated above that is simple to follow. As a result, you’ll be able to effortlessly mix and create a greater selection of adverts.

Not only that, but there’s more.

I’ve also included the top 24 of the top 100 commercials for your convenience. You’ll be able to view the templates in action this way.

But then I had an interesting thought. And as a result of that notion…

You’re getting more than just the Banproof Ad Blueprint.
I wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding about how to use these templates.

So I dialed Landon’s number…

Landon has been running Facebook ads for nearly as long as I have, and when it comes to copyrighting and ad structure, he’s an absolute rock star.

He was a member of the group that set out on that insane excursion.

You’d have to pay him hundreds of dollars each hour if you hired him.

Anyway, I contacted him and we collaborated on something special for you.







Miles Beckler – Ban Proof Ad Blueprint





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