Mike Dillard – List Grow 2.0

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List Grow 2.0 takes you step by step through video lesson training that enables you to see how easy it is to create a funnel and marketing system and do it for the first time ever, building a list of subscribers.

Mike’s List Grow 2.0 starts out covering how important having a list of subscribers is to us. And he even reiterates what he covered within his webinar to help demonstrate how important having a list is to those wanting to be a successful marketer.

Mike Dillard List Grow starts you off in in his program course with online basics of coming up with a single niche market and instructing you to find your passion and interest, first. Because for the ones starting out fresh here online, what good is having a list if you have nothing to promote!

List Grow 2.0  is a system that teaches you how to create the best sales funnels, generate insane amounts of leads, and build the most profitable email lists possible.

Tons of people make the same mistake when it comes to building up their email list. They focus on getting the most subscribers possible, without really thinking about any further steps.

But the top marketers in the industry know that in order to truly succeed in this industry, you need to think about quality vs. quantity.

What does this mean in simple terms?

Basically, your email list isn’t going to do anything useful unless you’re building a targeted list full of subscribers that’ll actually buy your products.

This means that when you build your list, you need to focus on customers that are within your niche.

This is the basic principle that List Grow focuses on, and it’s how Mike Dillard become so massively successful.

With List Grow, you’ll learn how to set up your own front end page and tripwire quickly and easily. It’s the first part of your funnel with Mike Dillard’s system.

With Mike Dillard’s system, you’ll learn how to make a second offer in the most efficient way possible.

You’ll also learn all about advertising on Facebook – one of the best ways to market any product in any niche.

List Grow 2.0 is split into four modules

  • First module: How to Choose Your Niche, how to make it unique.
  • Second Module: How to Create a Marketing Funnel, starting with an Opt-in Page, or Squeeze Page.
  • Third Module: Creating Your Capture Page, which links to your new Sales Page, including upsells.
  • Fourth Module: How to Create a Great Experience, Spit Testing, How to Advertising on Facebook, and much more… and in each module there are many videos explaining step by step the process you need to take.

Sales Page: https://mikedillardlistgrow.com/



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