Maxwell Maher – The YouTube Code Cracked

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What you get:

  1. How to get through the awkwardness and stress that comes with your first videos. (I even show some of my horrible first videos.. it’s terrible)
  2. How to create high-quality content on any budget (from less than $100 to full $10,000 studios and everything in between)
  3. How to set-up lights so that you don’t appear like a gremlin when taking photos
  4. How to create an audience that likes you and wants to see you on a daily basis
  5. How to edit thumbnails and videos quickly like a pro
  6. How to navigate the many ways you can monetize your channel (my favorite subject)
  7. The algorithm will do what it wants. She is a beautiful beast, algorithm!
  8. There’s so much more. If you are still skeptical, check out the complete curriculum below.




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