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or the longest time, Moon & Marie were stuck in the same cycle as most SEOs: chasing magical backlinks that just didn’t exist… well, not anymore.

As someone entering the SEO field, most SEOs see links often pushed as the ‘end all, be all’ solution. There’s a whole industry around this.

But as Google and other search engines leveled up, shoddy, underdeveloped websites with crappy links started getting slapped around… a penguin here, a panda there, a oh look! A pigeon behind your head…

Yep… that was every SEO over the last few years…… ————————–>

All of these changes led Moon and Marie to discover new, safe SEO strategies that would actualy deliver results.. within days and for weeks on end!

Their focus? On-site SEO and technical SEO.

These have more impact than EVER on rankings in Google!

After observing incredible jumps in our own rankings and their clients’ sites, they knew they were onto something.

…something amazing, in fact.

Imagine their excitement when they started testing stuck sites with on site SEO and taking care of technical issues!

As Google has leveled up their algorithm over the last few years, Moon and Marie have leveled up (pun intended! HA!) their own on-site, technical SEO testing heavily. With RYR: Level UP!, you can:

  • Be the next King Or Queen of Lead Gen or local SEO
  • Because we have and are documenting each case study, you can watch every step we have recorded, and in most cases, look up the site yourself
  • Learn the safest, yet most effective seo strategies we use on client work and our own sites
  • Learn our newest link silo, aka The Danny Silo, which is taking sites to the top in Google!
  • Jump into affiliate sites or
  • Grow your own SEO agency to its full potential using our own safe strategies

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