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What You’ll Learn In Profit Architecture?

Programs & Products

Each product in your offer suite serves a purpose and serves your audience in a unique way. These offers seamlessly flow from one to the next as upsells, cross-sells and down sells. There are 3 categories of offers that can fit into your product suite:

Low-Ticket: $10-$200
Self-Study Course: $200-$2,000+
High Ticket Group Program: $3,000-$20,000+
You can choose to create a business around just one premium offer, or you can incorporate 2 or 3 of these offers. Design the product suite and model that makes sense for you!


Signature Sales System

Establish a repeatable, signature sales system that you can re-use and deploy over and over again. We provide the tools, training, templates for the spectrum of enrollment events from super simple to sophisticated, so you can choose the best option for you, your style, your bandwidth.

Simple Email-Based Flash Sales
Valuable, Profitable Webinars
Engaging Paid Live Workshops
Epic Virtual Conferences
We give you all the strategies, tutorials, and templates for each of these powerful enrollment events, and you’ll make an empowered decision about which strategy you should focus on.


Evergreen Enrollment Engines

Turn the powerful sales assets you’ve created into a system for year-round enrollments so clients can join your courses & programs every day.

Design your course and high touch programs to be ready for evergreen onboarding, and then set up the evergreen sales systems so you’re never turning away a client who is ready to join now!

Learn how to take your webinars, sales pages, emails and turn it into an evergreen enrollment engine with the help of automations, systems, and super simple tech.









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