Marcus Barney – Recession Proof Extreme 2022

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The Package You Receive:

Financial Literacy


  • How do you clean up a credit report within 14 to 60 days
  • How do you create an impeccable credit score with 750+
  • How do you create a credit report to funding and How to make sure you have all the information points
  • How to start and operate a credit repair company
  • How do you market and streamline your business in credit repair (So you’re not the only one doing the work)


tradeline Business


  • Which are the most suitable cards to utilize for running for a tradeline company
  • How do you secure your trade lines against fraud or theft
  • How can you make sure your tradelines are secured by risk control. (How to ensure that you don’t get your accounts shut down)
  • How can you scale and automate tradeline businesses that can reach $180,000 net per year
  • How do you market and build clients


Personal & Business Funding


  • How do you create and market a company that provides funding
  • My secret to obtaining twelve Credit Card formula w/ just 4 inquiries
  • How do you obtain up to $250,000 with credit for a single person
  • Establishing and building business credit with an PG and without a PG. *PG Personal Grantor
  • How can you get up to 250,000 of business credit, interest-free for 12-18 months


Strategies & Luxury Car Hacks


  • How do you make $100,000 in a single day
  • How can I travel for no cost and save 60%-70% on hotels
  • How can I obtain a vehicle for 6-12 months and pay pennies
  • How can make use of credit in order to not have to pay for toiletries, groceries clothing, or utility bills
  • How do you conceal the use of credit cards
  • Credit2Close. How to make use of credit cards for your down payment for your home
  • How do I purchase investment properties with more than 25k in equity with no money out of your pocket
  • This includes how to not pay for MORTGAGE





The AVERAGE millionaire earns 7 sources of revenue. My aim is to arm my family members with skills and resources needed to create these income streams in record time.

Each month , we’ll each month, we will host our Amplifier Calls! The private trainings will be led by several of the most successful entrepreneurs in their fields which will show you additional opportunities to assist you in diversifying your investments to various streams.


  • DIY Ebook for Credit Repair Sales & Setup
  • The Plugin System For Selling Your Ebook
  • Morning Accountability Calls Monday through Friday at 8am
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Access to Private Recession-proofed Events
  • Complete Blueprint on How To set up and run Facebook ads
  • Social Media Masterclass in Marketing
  • Previous Amplifier Calls & So Much more








Marcus Barney – Recession Proof Extreme 2022 course






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