Maggie Chu – The High-Ticket Enrollment System

Maggie Chu – The High-Ticket Enrollment System. Download This Course For Cheap Price…

The High-Ticket Enrollment System  – Sign up dream clients over and over again with the most jam-packed, proven, incredibly effective high-ticket enrollment system and certification available to coaches!

The Hidden Super Power To A Thriving Virtual Coaching Business Is Having The Right System To Schedule AUTHENTIC, Powerful Conversations that Sign Up Clients Over and Over Again!

It’s the FASTEST path to cash flow, success and getting DREAM clients.

You Just Need ONE Proven System, ONE Effective Strategy To Get Clients CONSISTENTLY With A Certification that Shouts Credibility.

  • You Only Have Powerful Enrollment Conversations With Clients That Are Quality, Knowing They Are Serious About Getting The Help, And It’s Someone YOU Know You Can Help.
  • You Only Work With Clients You Love And Enjoy.
  • Dream Clients Are Coachable, And They Take Fast Action To Move Them Towards Their Transformation.

The ENTIRE High-Ticket Enrollment System Is Incredibly Effective Because It Takes A Heart-Centered Approach, So It Naturally Increases Your Sales, Enrolling Pre-Qualified Dream Clients.

This Is The KEY To Helping You Create A Thriving 6 And 7 Figure Virtual Coaching Business That Can Scale With Your Very Own Dream Sales Team… On Your Terms. (Even If You’re Brand New)

Here’s What You’ll Get Today…

Module 1: The Signature Program Creator

Learn how to turn your existing knowledge into multiple income streams, including a high-ticket program and a scalable group program that gives you more time, more freedom and more income!

You’ll have an intelligent business model that gives you the ability to grow without burn out, trading your time for money. I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to structure, deliver, and price your branded, signature program with 100% confidence.

Module 2: The Six Figure Enrollment Conversation

Discover how to hold powerful conversations, so getting a new client is a natural outcome! I’ll walk you through the exact steps to guiding conversations with a prospective client in a way that is confident, comfortable, intuitive, and is a natural extension of what you already know as a coach and expert.

Module 3: Crafting The Irresistible Offer

You’ll discover the secret formula to crafting an irresistible, high-converting offer that makes your program stand out and effortlessly enrolls your dream clients. Once you learn this easy- to-use framework, you’ll know how to make irresistible offers to anything, for life.

Module 4: From Objections to Enrollments

I’ll show you how to avoid shutting down when a potential client hesitates or says no. These are just their limiting beliefs, and blocks…we all have them.

You’ll be able to master one of the most important communication skills, to stand for your potential client’s transformation, and comfortably turn objections into a new conversation direction that gets to the root of their worry and fear which leads to a new, ready, inspired client! YES! It’s a total WIN-WIN.

Module 5: The Pre-Qualifying Leads Formula

You’ll have the process to pre-qualify, filter and screen people before you speak to them, so you’re only devoting your valuable time to high-quality potential clients – You’ll feel more confident, better prepared, and see an amazing increase in conversions!​

Get my secrets to increasing your show-up rate so you have more people to enroll into your program.

Module 6: The Winning Sales Tracking System

Dig into your data so you have a clear understanding of what is working, where you can improve, and what you need to do to get even MORE enrollments into your programs!

Module 7: The Dream Team Hiring System

Now that you’re enrolling more clients and generating much more income, you don’t have to run everything on your own!

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