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Scale up

your company

quickly as well as profitable

using Facebook and Instagram ads

Training with an ex-Facebooker.


1. Strategies. Discover my personal strategies, that I developed through extensive experimentation and millions of dollars of advertising spent.

Learn my eCommerce strategies leads generation Lookalike and Retargeting Dynamic Ads creative, “Cascading Cold Starts” Method, and many more.

2. Tutorials. The course contains step-by step guides which will teach you how I implement my strategies using Facebook’s advertising platform.

The course includes hours of instruction in order to instruct you on how to apply the techniques presented during the course.

3. Proficiency. Find out how Facebook ads function “under the hood”.

Helping you build the foundation crucial to execute the strategies of the course, as well as knowing the auction dynamics that support the advertising platform.



80+ On-Demand Video Lessons & Tutorials!

The course covers a wide range of subjects, and getting more advanced throughout the course. eCommerce, Lead Generation Lookalikes and Retargeting Dynamic ads and my “Cold Starts Cascading Method” Learn how to build great innovative, affordable and much more.

This is the sole Facebook Ads class taught by an ex Facebook employee

The lessons I’ve learned during my three years of working for Facebook in the role of a senior advertising manager learning the principles, secrets and methods employed by the top Facebook advertisers. I’ve also provided advice to dozens of startups through my consulting and also launched six eCommerce businesses that I own.



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