Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad Method™ Live 3-Day Boot Camp

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The 4-Pillar DNA Code of the Everlasting Ad Method(How we use ONE Good Ad to Turn Strangers Into Customers and Simultaneously Build Massive Brand Awareness and Loyalty …) HAVE YOU EVER ASKED ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS?

  • How do I get off the Hamster wheel of publishing constant content through social media?
  • How do I Create An ad-script for my unique situation?
  • Do I have to be a pro in camera to succeed with Facebook as well as Youtube?
  • How do I craft a Great Hook that holds onto the hook Peoples attention?
  • Do I require Success stories, Authority or Credibility Are you able to succeed online?

Some of What You’ll Get:

  • This is the ultimate flight plan to Launch an Online Platform that turns strangers into customers 24/7/365, and creates huge brand awareness, influence and Loyalty.
  • Private Coaching Breakouts Every Day of the Boot Camp with the Coach Best suited to your industry! (Based on Your Intake Form.)
  • Intro to the Everlasting Ad Builder Trello Board Tool.
  • The Best Target Audiences for Facebook and For YouTube in 2021.
  • The Most Overrated Audiences on Facebook and YouTube in 2021.
  • The Most Effective Optimization Strategies to deal With iOS Update iOS Update and ensuring success in 2021.
  • The 5 Cold Audience Anchor Everlasting Ad Types and How to Choose the Right ONE Based On Your Specific Situation and the Assets You Have.
  • How to quickly rearrange your ACT 1 Ad’s Building Blocks to transform ONE Everlasting Advertisement into 4-8 different Everlasting Ads.
  • Private Facebook Group for Coaches with Coaches
  • 7-Days Access to Catch-Up Recordings of all the Live Trainings
  • Bonus Trainings, Cheat Sheets, Ad Templates and Examples.



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