Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Sales Cert 4.0

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The Straight Line Sales Certification Program is your turnkey solution to becoming a world-class closer and top producer in your field.

It uses the latest interactive technology to allow you to achieve the same kind of off-the-charts results normally reserved for in-person training – with online convenience.

Becoming certified in Straight Line Sales will quickly lead to you ramping-up your closing rate, massively increasing your sales, dramatically increasing your income, and living a more empowered life.

This program is the culmination of more than thirty years of real-world experience in every industry imaginable. As a result, we can take virtually any individual, from any background, and give them the ability to close anyone who’s closable.

Simply put, every day that you don’t possess this skill set, you are operating at a fraction of your peak efficiency.

The Certification Program Package includes twelve comprehensive courses, each containing between six and ten content-packed lessons. You will also receive Jordan’s famous Script Builder and Rebuttals Guide. These two powerful tools will give you the precise language you need to write highly effective scripts, as well as provide you with rebuttals for overcoming every conceivable objection.

In addition, throughout the entire twelve weeks of the course, you will receive Daily Motivations and Weekly Coaching Sessions that are custom tailored to correspond to the specific topics you are currently studying as you progress through your training. These Weekly Coachings are followed by live Q&A sessions that will further deepen your comprehension and retention and will be sent directly to you for the duration of the twelve week course.

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