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The Charm Offensive copywriting style began its existence as a method to solicit responses to cold emails and other cold calls.

This is a very different situation from pitching pitches to an already opted-in email list or posting an advertisement through social media.

Recently, I’ve mingled my humorous and disarming style with rhetorical techniques and the convincing concepts of direct response copywriting with great success.

There are numerous studies that examine the role of humor in the realm of persuasion and advertising.

I’ve included the following succinct and concise tidbits of these reports below.

“Humour attracts attention. “” Weinberger and Gulas University of Massachusetts.

“The employing of self-effacing humor from a source can enhance the effectiveness of a convincing message. ” ~ Lyttle (2001)

“Humour enhances liking. In fact, the link between humour and liking is stronger than for any of the other factors. “ • Freedman, Sears, and Carl Smith (1978)

“One positive quality in a person causes us to assume that the individual has many positive qualities. “ The authors of the article are Seiter as well as Gass (2004)

“Humour does not harm comprehension. “” Weinberger and Gulas University of Massachusetts.

“Humour is a tool that can enhance a well-crafted persuasive message. “ * Lyttle (2001)

“People who are in a good mood are less likely to disagree with a persuasive message. “ Freedman, Sears, and Carl Smith (1978)

I’ve come up with a style that makes a statement, draws attention and, most important of all, converts.

I’ve summarized my process to make this potent mix of persuasion and charm in a book that will show you everything that you require before you begin applying these methods to your personal copy.






Jon Buchan – Converts Like A Charm





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