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What You Get:

Lesson 1
Customer Avatar


Lesson 1 kicks off with the state of play in the video-based marketing industry and how it’s developed over time. We’ll go over different types of videos, how they’re utilized in marketing, and the elements you’ll need to do to make an effective marketing video that is both persuasive and connects. We’ll also discuss the Customer Avatar exercise and the details of identifying your market. If you’re not already completed an Video Assessment Exercise and Checklist then we’ll look over it and more when we hit the ground running after we have a clear picture of where you are in relation to where you’d like to take your business to.


Lesson 2
Writing a Killer Script


Lesson 2 begins with the methods of marketing that actually work and the best methods to utilize video to improve your potential to attract more customers. We’ll also discuss the best ways to produce enormous value, as well as a checklist of best practices for making videos that will result in more customers and engagement. We’ll help you understand ways to provide your scripts with an extra “Human Touch” before you begin writing your outline of the script. You’ll be able to make use of our fill-in the-blank Script Outline templates as well as our fill-in-the-blank script templates to help your.


Lesson 3
Production & Setup


After you’ve written your script, the third lesson provides everything you’ll need for lighting and audio. to design your own professional-looking shoot at your home. You’ll get the Studio Equipment Report and the Studio Building Blueprint. If you decide to film your videos with us during the live event, you’ll be able to utilize all these tools to create your next videos! Learn how to write a script as a professional videographer, and then you can make your own test video. It’s all about practice as we’ll work on improving your film as you go.


Lesson 4
Confidence on Camera


Lesson 4 begins with overcoming the hurdle of being in front of the camera. Learn how to appear confidently and use a teleprompter to ensure it is natural. Tips: Everything is in the script , so you’ll modify your script to maximize impact. You’ll be able to enjoy the On-Screen-Avatar exercise and the Pre-Shoot Warmup Method to identify your voice and establish trust just by the way you appear. If you’ve used the script templates, you’ll be able to breeze through this. Be aware that they’re made to ensure that it’s authentic so you’re prepared!


Lesson 5
Filming & Editing


Lights, camera, action! Utilize your brand new scripts take your video footage, and make them ready for publish. Post-production is the most fatal flaw for creators of content. Learn how to save time and money, as well as energy and even your own sanity with helpful tips for shooting either by yourself or with a team. Utilize the Shot Log tool to ensure you get the most edit of your video fast. You can edit yourself or using an external editor, this software will simplify your work easier when you employ our post-production methods to apply the final touch to your video.


Lesson 6
Branding & Design


Then, in Lesson 6, you’ll learn about logo design, naming colors, in-video graphics and much more in relation to your video. You can create or modify your color palettes and logos when you’ve determined what works and what isn’t when it comes to graphics on screen and text. We’ll go over how to take or buy “b-roll” and how to utilize it. We’ll also explain how to incorporate a soundtrack to improve the overall mood in your film. It is also possible to utilize this Branding & Design Blueprint provided to cut down on time when you upgrade your appearance.


Lesson 7
That’s a Wrap


You’ve completed everything! For Lesson 7, you’ll take all the content you’ve made and compile it to create a brand latest film Production Playbook that you can utilize for the present and the future for any video you produce. We’ll review all we’ve learned as well as discuss how you can maximize the use of the latest tools. We’ll go over the top factor that could sabotage your videos before you begin, and discuss strategies to overcome the obstacles that come up. Then we’ll finish up with your next steps!




Look at the bright and shiny bonus section that is located in this section! While these bonus items aren’t element of the course, they certainly can assist you in achieving your goals faster and efficiently. We wouldn’t wish to include any item that takes your time or distracts you from the program. Therefore, we ensured that these extras actually help you achieve focus, aid to boost performance, and aid to reduce the stress of business. Take a look to see what they can do to help you achieve achievement.





Joe Muscatello – 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets






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