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Joe Hudson is a master coach and facilitator who led one of the very initial Venture Capital firm to focus on Sustainable Agriculture and was the most significant investor in the inaugural Sustainable Agriculture IPO on NASDAQ. Joe is dedicated to a lifetime that is a journey of self-exploration through a myriad of neurological, psychological and spiritual practices. Joe is committed to sharing the benefits of his exploration with other people.

“People make decisions based on emotions. Saying”I’m not bringing my emotions into my business’ is the same as saying, ‘I’m taking the best tool I can use to influence my the decisions of my company.'” – Joe Hudson

Show Highlights

  • Emotional intelligence is essential in the business world comes from developing a strong connection throughout every relationship
  • Tips to build the best team and culture for your company
  • Why vulnerability is essential to create strong relationships
  • How emotions influence decision making
  • What’s more important in the decision-making process – your gut or your information
  • Tools and tips on how to handle and sort your emotions when you make decisions
  • How to remain unattached to your goals (And the way an educated person sets goals)








Joe Hudson – The Connection Course





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