Jeanette Milio – Film Financing Today: How to Finance a Film Between $5MM-$10MM

What You’ll Learn In Film Financing Today: How to Finance a Film Between $5MM-$10MM?
Industry Overview: The Independent Film Finance Model vs the Studio Finance Model

Comparing the studio finance model with the independent finance model
Why do studios no longer produce films in the $5MM–$10MM range
Why producers stepped in to produce $5MM–$10MM films that can find theatrical distribution
The Marketplace Today

Learn why the marketplace today is looking for films in the $5mm-$10mm budget range
Understand what films are being bought today, and by whom.
Learn what projects to choose and why
Learn how to protect your project (and your investor)
Verify the demand for your film before producing it
Distribution Options for $5MM-$10MM Films

Choose the right distribution option for your film in view of optimizing distribution revenues
Distribution in theaters, with streamers, co-productions, and licensing
Understand the importance of presales
Pitfalls of Distribution
Financing a $5MM-$10MM Film

Understand what finance sources are available today and how to secure them
Learn how to structure your financial plan to achieve profits
Understand the financial risks you and your investors face and learn how to mitigate them
Understand the Importance of Creating Value with Your Film

Understand high-quality production with feasible budgeting
Understand how to spend money in the right places, and where you must save money
Understand who to develop a story that sells
Elevate the value of your project by attaching the right talent
Take Away Documents

Excel Finance Plan Template
Sample CAMA (revenue/profit) agreement
Sample story rights agreement (option)
Sample talent offers for director and cast (pay-or-play)








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