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What You Get:

46 Powerful Funnels That Clients Want & Need With Full Resale Rights


These tested Funnels have been utilized by me as well as my clients to generate million of dollars of revenue in the last few years.

Each of them has been thoughtfully designed with marketing automation built into it to help get more conversions and deliver better results than other.

Now , you can make use of them to benefit yourself and your clients to generate an entirely new revenue stream and provide a huge boost to your company!



Male Speaker Funnel

This is the perfect funnel for men to expand your speaking career and fill schedules with profitable speaking engagements throughout the year.


Female Speaker Funnel

This funnel has been specially designed for female presenters and coaches looking to gain more speaking opportunities as well as sell their products and services.


Male Fitness Coach Website

If you’re a male working in the fitness or health industry, this is the quickest way to establish your online business and sell your courses and coaching. It includes a built an area for membership courses that is ready to allow you upload your own content.


Female Fitness Coach Website

If you’re female working in the fitness or health business, this is the best method to get your online business to sell your courses and coaching. It has a built-in online membership area that is that you can add your own content.


Ultimate Book Funnel

This is a classic , free shipping Funnel that comes with efficient marketing automations that are built-in to increase the sales of your books. Additionally, it comes with discounts for upsells and downsells to boost the average value of your orders.


Rosie Lauren Website

A beautiful website with two matching funnels that are ideal for consultants, coaches, experts, and speakers. It is a quick and simple method to attract new customers, and also sell online courses, consultation, and more.


Webinar Selling Funnel

Selling online courses isn’t always easy, but this method has produced over $600k in sales.

Edit it using your text and branding, and then let the built-in automated features transform your Webinar attendees into buyers.


Strategy Call Funnel

Strategies calls can be among the most well-known methods in order to turn leads customers especially to consultants as well as coaches.This funnel includes everything you need, such as an integrated calendar that allows you to get calls booked within hours.


Product Launch Funnel

The HTML0 was made famous through Jeff Walker, the Product Launch Funnel is a tried and tested method to create a large number of revenue for merchandise within a brief period of time. It can even be used to create an Evergreen campaign.


Auto Webinar Funnel

Automated Webinars can be run by using Fast Funnels, with no requirement for expensive software. Start selling your memberships, courses or services, and consult 24/7/365 using this highly tested Funnel.


Female Coach Website

If you’re just starting out as a consultant or coach you might have an extremely low budget, so why not buy a complete coaching website that has an integrated membership, and then edit it yourself by using easy instructional videos?


Male Coach Website

As a consultant or coach, image is everything. People prefer to work with people they like, trust and are able to trust. This male coach template will allow to present your best image right from the beginning.


One Product Funnel

Sometimes, we want to focus our entire ad budget on promoting a single item, such as books or a hamper. This funnel is designed to capture leads, and leads the customer through downsells and upsells to ensure maximum profit.


Real Estate Funnel

In this competitive market it is essential to have a strong funnel in order to attract new leads and quickly sell homes. These two real estate funnels can do just that and will give your Agency the edge over your competitors.


Virtual Summit Funnel

Virtual Summit Virtual Summit is the secret weapon used by many non-gurus to rapidly gain trust and generate leads for any industry. The funnel has been utilized to create six-figure Summits and can save you time from creating one by scratch.


Membership Funnel

With a stunning Course Login Page, Sales Page Checkout and Assistance Desk and Membership built for you, this Funnel can be said to be the fastest method of launching an online course that is successful or a the membership system.


Live Event Funnel

You can sell tickets for your workshops, retreats seminars, conferences festival, events, and much more using this comprehensive selling system. This system includes everything you require to ensure your event is an absolute success.


Video Survey Call Funnel

It’s a powerful Funnel that is designed to bring in new leads and generate sales. It filter out users prior to allowing them to book an appointment with you by using the Survey and is currently employed by leading marketers.


Dance Instructor

A funnel that was designed for instructors of Zumba/Dance around the World to expand the number of classes they offer online. It has a calendar as well as checkout that makes booking easy for students.


Home Tutor Funnel

This Funnel was designed to serve educators from thousands from all disciplines all over the World who instruct students using Zoom and Skype. It allows students to schedule lessons and verify availability.


Therapist Funnel

Many Counsellors and Therapists prefer working online since they can connect with many more people and work at their homes. This Funnel was created to make appointments easier for students to schedule appointments.




Now Including 15 New Local Business Funnels

You now have an almost endless number of companies that you can aid across the globe


Simple Funnels That Generate Leads


These are the classic Bread and Butter Funnels that are that are designed to generate leads quickly to your clients using the Landing Page as well as a Thanks You Page and Autoresponder. A lot of companies are using complete websites to collect leads, but they are getting very poor results. Imagine how happy they’ll be when you arrive and setup them with an Funnel that could triple the number of leads they get and at a cost that is lower per lead!



15 Proven Niches to Target


They are all carefully selected areas where Funnels used to get leads online have been found to be highly efficient. We have Funnels available for Dentists, Plumbing, Restaurants, Cleaning Companies, Hair Salons, Roofing, Locksmiths, Gyms, Gardening Companies, Hearing Aids, Pet Grooming, Accounting, Painting, Pest Control and Chiropractors. With 15 different niches to choose from and an almost unlimited number of companies that you are able to target, the possibility is huge.



Monthly Recurring Revenue


It is possible to sell these directly to the company as a template to use, or charge them a monthly recurring cost to create and manage your Funnel to them. Even if you charge them $200 per month, you could earn $2400 in a year from only one customer and in my course I will show you some of the free organic strategies I’ve employed to draw Funnel customers.




Plus 6 New Financial Niche Funnels

Aid businesses that are in the most profitable Financial Industries get more leads


High Converting Funnels That Get Results


These are traditional bread and butter funnels created to quickly generate leads for your clients by using an introductory Page as well as a Thanks You Page and Autoresponder. Many businesses are using their own websites to collect leads, but they are getting no results. Imagine how happy they’ll be when you arrive and setup their website with a funnel that could triple the number of leads they will receive, and with a much lower cost per lead!



6 Proven Niches to Target


All of these are hand-picked specific areas in which using Funnels to create leads online has been found to be extremely efficient. There are Funnels available to help with Car Loans, Debt Consolidation payday Loans, Medical Insurance, Pet Insurance and Credit Repair. With six different niches in finance and an almost endless number of companies you could choose to target, the potential is massive.



Monthly Recurring Revenue


It is possible to offer these directly to businesses as templates for them to use, or charge them a monthly fee to manage and set up your Funnel on their behalf. Even if you charge them $200 per month, you could earn $2400 annually with just one customerand in my classes I will show you some of the free natural methods I’ve used to get Funnel customers.





All the Ads & Copy You Need to Start Selling Funnels Via Social Media Built In Canva


Over 40 Image & Video Ads Built In Canva


The format has been made speedy and simple to market your Funnel templates on the internet through Facebook and Instagram Ads with top quality advertisement templates and distinctive content for each of our Funnels.



Quick and Easy to Rebrand


The HTML0 templates are provided for you to use as Canva templates. In only a few clicks, you can alter the color scheme and include the logo of your agency.



High Converting Post Copy Included


Each ad comes with a written sales copy that will help direct customers towards your Funnel templates and to make purchases. All you have to do is include your link for your Funnel on your store and you’re done!




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