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No more guesswork and anxiety before interviews. Follow the Sales Interview OS and you decide at the end of the interview if there is a fit.

What will you no longer be after completing this course?

– Anxious before interviews 

(because you don’t know how to prepare for what they might say).

– Frustrated with yourself 

(because you didn’t perform in the interview for an offer you really wanted).

– Disappointed and let down 

(because another offer didn’t match up to the advertised numbers).

– Uncertain about your options

(because you don’t know what you would or could do if your current offer declines for any reason).

– A desperate and needy salesperson 

(because you consistently hop on any offer that will take you and you’re always “hoping” that this will be “the one”).

– Confused about the game

(because you still don’t really know how the high ticket world really works and where you sit in the process).

– A commodity

(because you are viewed and treated the same as everyone else).


Who is this for?

– Those who missed great opportunities because they were wasting time on bad offers with made up OTE.

– Those who have been denied a role because they didn’t present the best version of themselves.

– Those who understand that it’s not going to take just one interview, and recognise that interviews will be the ever-present hurdle between them and increasing their income.

– Those salespeople who no longer want to be seen as a commodity.

– Another enthusiastic applicant.

– Another name and face.

– Those who know they’re capable of a lot more, but don’t know how to get there.

– This is for pros who are committed to a lucrative career in sales.


Who will you become upon completing this course?

– A sales pro with a top 1% mindset

(you will be able to identify, screen, interview for and negotiate the best opportunities, should you decide you want them.)

– A sales pro with an abundance and options

(outcomes not available or visible to others will become available to you)

– Respected as an equal in your interactions

(no more acting and being treated as a subservient “employee”)


What’s included with Sales Interview OS?

This is a systemized approach to sales interviews.

Each section builds off the last. It is created in such a way that you get the information you need, whilst positioning yourself above 99% of other salespeople.

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