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Hi, I’m Molly!

Being a professional media buyer has completely transformed my life. When I first decided to pursue digital marketing I was bartender in Kentucky and didn’t knew the term “paid traffic. Today I’ve been in charge of $100 million worth of ads and taught hundreds of marketers how to enhance their marketing and propel their careers ahead. So, How did I succeed in an market that is constantly changing? ?

I got a mentor! In 2012, I began cooperating alongside Ryan Deiss, who showed me the ropes, and taught me to be a marketing professional. I put in hundreds of hours sharpening my abilities and a lot of money creating ads. After that, I created the 9-step traffic strategy and assisted in 4xing the company’s revenue in my quest to become Vice President. (Not bad, huh?! ) It was only when I began to teach Train My Traffic Person that it became clear to me: although media buying is my profession and I am passionate about it teaching is what I love to do.

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  • Our tried and tested media buying training course includes sixteen weeks of real-time sessions on strategy, plus more than 50 practical implement tutorials
  • Training sessions that are in-depth and Q&A feedback calls
  • A new library of step-by step worksheets and fill-in the-blank templates that help you master each module
  • Molly’s weekly, daily and monthly checklist of health for campaigns and account management
  • 16Q&A sessions are available in which you will be able to dig deeper into each lesson and receive weekly feedback that will help you accelerate your learning
  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets and templates that will guide you through each module
  • Access to a private TMTP Slack Group , where our experts will help you with any questions and you overcome any obstacles
  • Learn TikTok Ads! This course will be conducted on the spot with Maxwell Finn, a TikTok advertising agency owner whose customers make upwards of $50k per day using the app.




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