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Learn how to get 30 + new patients a month in the chair, all through the power of Facebook marketing!

Facebook Bootcamp Delivering Wow teaches dentists and dental team members how to attract more than 30 new patients a month on autopilot while spending less than $ 500.
As part of this in-game course, you will also learn how to adapt our highest ad conversions and funnels to your practice-in less than an hour — so that you or your team can replicate our incredible results!

Let Me Guess.
You are struggling to find a permanent source of new patients
Are you nervous about the debt you accumulate to build up your practice (not to mention dental school)
You also train this new employee that you just hired (another thing that no one taught you to do)
You lose sleep at night because your to-do list keeps growing, but your practice doesn’t grow fast enough
And you have a patient waiting to see you in a chair

Why Facebook Marketing?

Well, let me put it this way-I’ve learned that Facebook ads are the fastest and most affordable way to get new patients through the door, stat.

Because I know that busy dentists don’t have time for a lot of trial and error when it comes to developing their business.

We have expensive equipment to pay for, student loans to repay, and this dental practice won’t just be built on its own.

That’s why I want to take some of the fight off your plate so that you can just focus on what you do best — making patients ‘ lives (and smiles!) better.

Imagine a dental practice where…
You can put your marketing on autopilot to consistently, effortlessly attract new patients to your practice
You are making a profit and you can be sure that your bills are paid and these debts will soon be a thing of the past
You have time to build a staff of rock stars, because you no longer struggle to make ends meet
At night, you sleep like a baby, knowing that your business is going its own way
You always have the perfect patient waiting for you in a chair, ready to agree to the best treatment you can offer!

Splitting sessions into sessions

Session 1: 3 secrets of success Facebook/FB Funnels / FB Live

Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook are my top three secrets to success, including how to build a profitable sales funnel through Facebook, and how to use Facebook Live to increase your social media presence and attract an adoring audience of potential patients!

Session 2: Creating an audience focused on high-income people and ideal new patients

It’s one thing to bring patients through the door. This is another one to bring patients through the door who will agree to treatment. In this lesson, you will learn how to reach out to high-income patients and blind them with the best treatments you can offer.

Session 3: creating high conversion campaigns and new patient funnels

Over the years of training with the best of the best in online marketing, I have built successful campaigns to attract new patients who have worked in dental practices of all shapes and sizes, and I want yours to be one of them. Learn my best practices and use my proven ad formats!

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