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What you get:

No B.S. Magnetic Marketing Newsletter


Each month, you’ll receive a printed copy of the NO B.S. The Marketing Letter is chock-full with marketing and business strategies that can explode profits.

It will feel like Christmas every month when you open it, and have your personal Dan Kennedy print seminar ‘ delivered right to your door!

Each Month You’ll Receive:

  • Secrets by Dan Kennedy…
  • Renegade Millionaire Secrets…
  • Copywriting Tips…
  • Magnetic Internet Marketing…
  • The Lost Laws of Success…
  • and much more!



“Magnetic Marketing on Demand”


The “Magnetic Market On Demand” app will stream amazing presentations from Dan Kennedy and other guest experts to your favorite devices through our App or your browsers. Now available on Apple TV and Android TV.

The app is also great for driving, audio, and mowing the lawn.




“Brass Balls Factor.”


This course is about the “harsh reality” of success. It reveals what it takes to move from poverty to wealth quickly, despite all odds.

Warning! This course will offend a small percentage of you. It will greatly increase your chances of success in life!


Learn in this seminar

  • What SHOULD charge and how to get it every time (and how avoid the #1 mistake most people make when pricing their services).
  • Do your markets always do what’s best? Dan tells you why… and what you can do instead.
  • How measuring success & failure will ruin your business… and why the third option is the key to rapid growth without all the frustration!



“Renegade Millionaire Time Management System”


Your only non-renewable resource is time. You are most likely to be surrounded by time vampires in your business. Learn how to protect your time so that you can do more in less time .

This is not your typical time management course. It was designed for RENEGADE millionaires just like you.


This seminar will teach you

  • Why time management strategies are ineffective today’s (… and how to become a super-productive renegade in a matter of hours!
  • Dan says, “If you don’t set your agenda, others will.” He then gives the trick on how to be ruthless with time.
  • This is the simple, offline “Disney Secret”, used by animators to manage time and projects that Dan uses – and you should too!



“Midas Touch Marketing & Selling”


Three Bonus Courses to Help You Secure Your Financial Freedom

– Midas Touch Marketing

– Midas Touch Direct Marketing

– Midas Touch Selling

To be able to generate income through direct marketing, and not manual labor, is required .


This rare seminar will teach you

  • The best advertising method that isn’t expensive (And t this is how you get more …)
  • The best type of story sells EVERYTIME without fail… it works regardless of niche or business.
  • Do you use direct mail to market your products and services? Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, Dan explains why direct mail could be the best strategy for your advertising budget… even today, even if you sell online.
  • The key “persuasive components” Every great sales message requires to convert like bananas



Behind the Scenes Marketing Secrets Newsletter


Each month, we spend millions on testing to determine the best way to structure funnels, write copy and drive traffic to our offers.

The NEW newsletter gives you a behind-the scenes look at what’s working right now. We don’t believe in theory. Our newsletter is a monthly look at what’s working NOW.


Each Month You’ll Receive:

  • Russell Brunson’s New Secrets!
  • Sales Funnel Secrets…
  • Traffic Secrets…
  • Virtual Real Estate Secrets…
  • The Secrets To Success…



“Funnelology Masterclass”


This Masterclass in Funnelology will show you how to build a funnel. We’ve studied over 2,039.482 funnels, and 70.728 split-tests, to determine which funnels are responsible for 95% of ClickFunnels’ revenue.

This class will show you HOW each funnel works and how to insert your OFFER into their proven frameworks.



“DotCom Secrets LIVE!”


Russell taught the principles LIVE before the DotCom Secrets book came out. He did this to his $50k a year Inner Circle members.

Many things were taught at this event, but they didn’t make it into the final book.

Learn how to build your own value ladder and create funnels to acquire new customers. This will allow you to get them to continue buying from you.

These secrets were only revealed to his Inner Circle…until now!

  • This simple secret formula lures your dream customers to your doorstep like bees to pollen



“Expert Secrets LIVE!”


Be the expert and authority you were created to be. Receive front-row access at Russell’s entire LIVE event, which teaches the principles of his bestseller “Expert Secrets”.

It’s one thing to read the book, but it’s another to see it and experience Russell’s teachings.

This training was only available to those who had paid $50,000 for his top-tier coaching…

  • Do you want to be the market expert? Discover the power of the opportunity switch and you’ll never look back
  • What product is missing? No service? No list? No list?



“Traffic Secrets LIVE!”


Russell hosted a 2-day private event entitled “Traffic Secrets LIVE” earlier this year with his $50K-per-year students . It revealed dozens of previously unpublished Traffic Secrets.

This course is in the vault and was never made available to the public at any price.

This event will help you get MORE traffic!


Learn in this LIVE Event

  • Master Learn the 3 Temperatures and 3 Types Of Traffic to master list building. Are you ready to explode your list?
  • How to create a raving community and have a huge impact on the people you serve, and get your message to the rest of the world. It’s much easier than you might think!
  • This proven email strategy will keep your customers and fans coming back for more.
  • This proven strategy will take your customers on a seamless step-by-step ‘buyers journey ‘… that creates loyal customers



74 Funnel Swipes File


653 pages of high-converting, profitable funnels for finance…health…coaching… health…info… and many other purposes!

Are you stuck? Are you unsure which funnel to create?

The 74 Funnel Swape File can guide, inspire and point you in a direction to create your funnel.

We printed only 1000 copies of the ’74 Funnel Swipe file’. They are gone once they are gone. This is not available in a PDF. It is not sold elsewhere online.



Magnetic Marketing


You will receive a hard copy of Dan Kennedy’s classic, Magnet Marketing: How to Attract a Flood Of New Customers that PAY, STAY, and REFER!

This book is a must-have, must-read every year. Dan takes all his principles and shows how to set up a steady stream of HIGHLYQUALIFIED leads to any business.

This book will be your next “go-to” book, right at your fingertips… and can help you make more profits every time you open it.





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