Dan Henry – 30 Day Agency

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There are few businesses that can afford this and those that do have this sort of budget will go with established advertising agencies before taking their chances with an unknown beginner.

According to Dan the only reason for not succeeding with this is pure laziness as he presents a foolproof 30 day plan which involves getting family and friends to buy from you and involves adding the personal facebook profiles of business owners as friends.

I got complaints, and rightly so, from business owners who said that it was creepy that me as a business wanted to see photos of them and their children and that this was not a professional way to go about doing business..,

I had to agree with them.

If you ask for a refund before the 30 days then it is actively pursued and you will get called by sales team to pressurise you into giving it it a try for more time.

If you have been interested in digital marketing, and especially Clickfunnels or Facebook Ads Courses, chances are you have run into an article or video by Dan Henry.

Sales Page: https://millyuns.com/agency/



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