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When it comes to building or managing a website, technical SEO is unquestionably one of the most crucial aspects to learn. It can serve as a solid foundation for other sorts of SEO work, but it still has to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running smoothly and in accordance with best practices.

Content of the Course


You’ll learn about a variety of approaches for making your website work as hard as it can for you, such as how to increase page performance, the insights you can acquire and adopt from analyzing server log files, and how to ensure you’re covered in a mobile-first environment.


Structure of the Course


This course will be divided into four sections, each of which will focus on a different theme. We’ll start with some of the more fundamental concepts, such as crawlability and the crawl budget notion. It will serve as a solid foundation for the more sophisticated issues covered in the subsequent parts. The second portion will look at indexing, content, and speed, while the third will look into more advanced technical aspects including python’s potential, server log file analysis, and valuable HTTP headers. The course will conclude with the fourth and final section, which will cover international SEO, schema, HTTPS, and a variety of other advanced topics.


This course will provide you with the following benefits:


Participants should expect to leave with a better knowledge of the importance of technical SEO and how a strong technical foundation may set you up for success. You’ll also be more comfortable talking about and understanding the technical components of SEO.






Brighton SEO – Advanced Technical SEO – On demand





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