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Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:

First, I’ll show you how to train ChatGPT to be your own tireless personal research assistant, allowing you to have an endless supply of content ideas you can use in your emails or anywhere else in your business. This includes generating entertaining, relevant stories on demand that you can copy and paste into your emails. It also includes creating nearly unlimited hooks, angles, big ideas and unique mechanisms that apply to your product and your exact audience. In short, you’ll never run out of compelling and captivating ideas for your emails ever again.


Second, I’ll show you how to let ChatGPT write your emails FOR you. You’ll generate complete, copy-and-paste-able emails by using special, fill-in-the-blank prompts, resulting in engaging, compelling emails that create raving fans and generate instant clicks to your sales page or shopping cart. And you’ll do it in just a few minutes rather than the long blocks of time quality emails usually require.


Third, we’ll refine those emails into your own unique voice so that no one would ever guess you got a little help from AI :-). This business of refining the drafts that ChatGPT gives you is key. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can get a perfect email “straight out of the box” from AI. It’s just not true. The final revisions are crucial. They take an email from being 80% to 90% ready-to-go to the finish line. And believe me, it’s that final 20% to 30% that makes all the difference in terms of engagement and conversion.


Lastly, I’ll give you my grab bag of tips and tricks to get amazing output even faster. I’ll also show you how to let AI plan entire email sequences for you.


You’re going to finish the workshop with at least five ready-to-go emails you can copy and paste into your autoresponder. (You’ll likely have a lot more than that if you want.)

Even better, you’ll have a process you can use over and over again to write as many engaging, sales-getting emails as you want. FOREVER.


What you get:

1. Three Workshop Working Sessions

All content for each session will be uploaded to your member area within 24 hours after each session ends.


2. Lectures + Working Sessions

I’ll spend the first little bit of each session giving you exactly what you need to begin the implementation of our goals together. After the lecture portion, you’ll see me set aside time to actually work with the live participants on how to implement everything. You’ll get to be a “fly on the wall” as we produce emails in real time, and edit them to completion.


3. Feedback and Q&A

After each work session, I’ll be answering questions and review some examples right there on the call, showing participants how to take an AI email from good to great.


4. Access To The Recordings

You will have lifetime access to all the recordings, handouts, transcripts, worksheets, samples and any other digital assets we use during the workshop. Those will be available within 24 hours after each session is completed. These will be invaluable as you can take them and review them any time you want to create as many email campaigns as you want.



To make sure you have ongoing resources to continue helping you when the workshop is over, I’m also throwing in the following bonus:

FREE BONUS: 38 Evergreen Email Samples

This is a 119-page resource I created that went along with a previous workshop that taught students how to launch their offer for maximum conversion and profits.

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