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Everyone knows that successful websites must have great content. But how do you scale content production, while also improving quality and cutting costs?
It’s very challenging to do all of that at the same time.
This is why we have put together a collection of advanced blueprints that show you exactly how to setup your content production engine for maximum productivity.
The Keyword Research Blueprint: Inside this blueprint, we will build a framework that will allows you to consistently find new keywords you can rank for with your site. You will also be able to keep a close eye on what’s working in your niche so you never miss a winning trend.
The Building Your Content Team Blueprint: To grow, you need to produce a lot of content and it needs to be super high quality. In this blueprint, we’ll show you our incredibly detailed hiring process and how you can use it to hire a team of A-players to create content for you, without breaking the bank.
The Editorial System Blueprint: In this blueprint, we’ll show you exactly how to structure content into repeatable formats that you can train your staff to execute with minimal input from you. You’ll also build a complete editorial production workflow system.

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