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What You Get:

#1 Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Course


In this course, you will learn everything Thomas discovered about how to run profitable Facebook advertisements after investing more than $40 million in these ads.

There are things to look for, such as:

  • How do we find out about our target audienceand the market before we begin to create advertisements…
  • Which funnels do we employthat are compatible when used with Facebook advertising…
  • Frameworks that have been testedfor creating attention-grabbing ads…
  • How to improve your campaignsbased on data to maximize profit…

And much more.



#2 Same-Day Launch Plan


Following the course, you’ll know precisely what you’ll need to begin making money with Facebook Ads.

We’re also helping to make it even simpler for you to get started.

In this plan, we’ll provide you lesson plans and checklists, as well as guides as well as everything you’ll need to start your Facebook advertising campaign fast.



#3 Top 10 Proven Landing Pages For Facebook Ads


The way you treat people to after they click on your advertisement is important…

Cost for both conversions as well as per click.

To assist you to turn more people into customers and subscribers, we’ve prepared a the most popular landing page to use with Facebook ads.

Use them as models to design your landing pages that are converting.



#4 $100 Million Facebook Ad Database


Don’t try to reinvent this wheel.

Find out what other people have found to work and then use it as a model to suit your own needs.

For help in making ads that are effective to make your ads successful, we’ve provided the following collection of Facebook ads, both our own and others.

Take a look. Examine them. Study. Find out what is working now. Model that for your advertisements.



#5 Million-Dollar Team Access


In the past I’ve invested more than 1 million dollars into my advertising team.

You can now get access to these.

Every month each month, you’ll be able to join Thomas and his team to guide you through the latest developments within the Facebook advertising space.

With this information, you’ll be aware what trends are and how you can benefit from these.

It’s also a chance to send your campaigns to receive comments from our experts.



Plus, 7 Amazing FREE Bonuses:


BONUS #1 Secrets Of Scale: How To Grow From $10 To $10,000 A Day – PROFITABLY


The process of scaling your campaign from 10 dollars per day to $10,000 per day isn’t as straightforward as adding more funds in your account.

There’s a way to accomplish it so that your costs do not skyrocket and your profits fall.

In this particular course, Thomas will show you how to increase your capacity successfully.



BONUS #2 90-Second Click Happy Ads


Videos on Facebook are in vogue.

For a reason, they are effective.

The reason that more people don’t use video ads is that they think they’re difficult and costly to make.

They’re not!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make videos using easy-to-use online tools.

Without even having to display your face!



BONUS #3 How To Avoid The Facebook Slap


Indeed, Facebook is known to block accounts for advertising.

A majority of people think that it’s for no justification. Although Facebook is known to make mistakes at times, there often is an adequate reason for the account to be banned.

In this article we’ll go over the most important aspects which – if not well-known that you must perform (or be careful not to do) to avoid a Facebook the slap.



BONUS #4 Pixel Training Hacks


Facebook Pixel could be your most effective weapon in your advertising arsenal.

It’s in essence “teaching” Facebook’s algorithm the kind of customer you’re looking for to show adverts to only relevant users.

For it to “teach” it, you have to equip the pixel with sufficient relevant information, to make an “profile” of what kind of person you’re trying to find.

In this class we’ll demonstrate what we do to warm and develop the pixels in order to assist us in bringing customers with a profit.



BONUS #5 $50,000 Campaign Case Study


We’ll open the curtains and show you the scene in one of our biggest-profitable campaigns.

It’ll find our advertisements on landing pages, targeted ads, all of it!



BONUS #6 Done For You Ads


Take note of this: you don’t have to create your own Facebook ads!

Due to the recent advances of Artificial Intelligence (A.I. ) today, we are able to write text for us!

The text is so great that it’s hard to tell whether it was a tool or person created it.

In this class we’ll show the participants how to make use of one of the more well-known AI software tools for writing available on the web to create your Facebook advertisements in just a few minutes.



SPECIAL BONUS $50 Million Ad Secrets


Mike Buontempo is one of the most successful advertisers currently on the web.

Each year the company spends about $50 million in ads to his customers.

In the special masterclass recording, we heard him discussed the most amazing strategies and secrets that you will not hear elsewhere.







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