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Perhaps you choked a little when hearing Book Launch Managers can cost as much as $150,000 and that is way out of reach, but you still have BIG goals…
Perhaps you’re one of the many we talk to that doesn’t want to settle for less by hiring help that’s “ok” … and instead want a mentor by your side who has 15+ years of experience…
If you want to have a #1 bestselling book, a bigger platform, a monetization model that works…
Then you’re in the right place.
Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction author, just starting to write your first book or publishing your fifteenth book, whether you are launching or re-launching…
In this Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint course, learn the latest selling strategies to get bestselling book results in a highly competitive world. Industry’s leading Book Launch Director Amber Vilhauer pulls back the curtain and shares the very conversion strategies used on her most successful book launches including viral live streaming, relationship-leveraging, monetization, scaling and more.
We’ve made more than 35 books #1 bestsellers. Those clients have gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies of their books and landed on stages in front of 15,000 audience members for a $40,000+ speaking fee. You could (and should) be next!
The BIGGEST mistakes authors make black brush

  • Not willing to go “all in.”
  • Not giving themselves enough runway (time) to market and launch.
  • Spending their time doing all of the day-to-day operations which should absolutely be delegated out to someone else.
  • Not having a powerful plan that is rooted in proven marketing methodologies.
  • Not putting aside a bigger budget for the marketing and book launch.
  • Not treating this book as a product that can be leveraged to absolutely create a 7-figure business.

Amber Vilhauer
Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint Course for Authors: Testimonial by Eric Van Der Hope
“Amber is seriously hands down the best online support, marketing, guru, coach, copywriter ever.
It’s endless what she does, and after years of being online, I’ve finally found the right support who is brilliant and “gets” me.
I’m grateful.”
– Dr. Debi Silber

Sales Page: https://ambervilhauer.com/bestseller-book-launch-blueprint/



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