Alex Glenn – How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program

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Know the nuances of the agency Partners…

Like any other successful relationship that is successful, software-agency partnerships are no different. they have to build on equally beneficial benefits, trust as well as communication. Yes, you need to contribute to gain. But it’s not so simple…

However, even if we take a look at marketing technology (a excellent area for partnerships) We’re looking at more than 7400! They all have to develop or they’ll be killed. Agency relationships are an essential aspect of that growth for some of them.

The issue isthat most software companies make the wrong idea of why an agency decides to “partner with (align with refer, resell co-market, etc.) …) the same software company.

Like blackjack and relationships An organization taking on the huge risk of deciding to make a double-take on any software will only be done so to protect itself.

Before we get into defining what actually incentivizes software-agency-partnerships, let me first clarify what it means for an agency to ‘double-down’ on any particular software:

  • This agency has limited to one program per use case or category.
  • The agency is devoted to to learning about the software both inside and outside.
  • The agency makes retainers around its services by using the software behind them.
  • The agency will also provide you with important feedback on your product roadmap…

We in Partner Programs call an agency-software “Partnership”. The result of having it could be the biggest part of your income.



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