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60 Cold Email Conversations which led to an Booked Meeting

This is an entire collection of all back and forth emails with customers that we cold emailed. You’ll see:

> The first cold email

Each follow-up

• Each one of the responses

> The secrets lines we use to convince them to book calls

Each sentence in each conversation with customers

** BONUS ** 3 Conversations That CLOSED!

This includes the exact sequences we employed to convince customers to pay three different sizes:

> $2,000 deal

> $29,000 deal

> $152,000 deal

Learn and enjoy not just the precise phrase you’ll need, be able to understand the subtleties of

> How long should you be patient between follow-ups

> How to awaken potential customers who have been sunk

> How do you close a deal

The deals that are working right now

The niches where Our clients have nailed with

Don’t be slack as the cost will rise very soon. Take these emails and organize your meetings and earn some cash!

This course is worth more than any other course that costs $1,500.

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