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Change your life and enjoy the freedom you desire by adhering to a unique and systematic trading strategy that can make you making money within a matter of minutes!

The 8d Trading Academy, our priority is to develop strong, self-sufficient, and profitable foreign exchange traders from the novice up to expert level using our simple , systematic trading style. We want for making the 8d Trading Academy your last stop and help you become one of our traders who is profitable and have the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

8D Trading was born with the intention of creating an elite group of traders who can elevate your trading up a notch. It was created through SamadhiFx & Rightness Trading, who have worked for years developing a simple, systematic and efficient strategy. It it will finally be made available to students in a brief and simple package.

The 8th Dimension provides a methodical approach to tradingthat allows the user to go through a step-bystep method to be successful in trading.

The market structure

Understanding the flow of orders in the market, and the real trends of the market across various timeframes and without confusion.

Supply and Demand

If supply is there, there will be demand, and vice versa. We display how

we identify valid zones,invalid zones, and strong hidden zones


Buy orders and sell orders that fuel the market. It is crucial to be on the right side of the market to make maximum profits when liquidity becomes available.


For a novice trader is a bit nervous to make an exchange. We will present various entry strategies and techniques to complete the trade without anxiety or doubt.




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